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Reggie Jones  On Set🎬🎥....SunnyLA🌴⛅️. 👻Bigg.Regg

I get so excited when I see she texted me. If you know Maya you know she ain’t the most affectionate person outta my mom’s kids. When my mom had my brother Malik. We was a little bum’d cause the whole time the doctors told my mom she was having a girl. I was so excited because i always wanted a baby sister. But the following year this blessing was born w/ holes in her heart. She’s my moms miracle baby. Other than your ugly ass attitude you damn near perfect. I love the shit outta you maya. I use to stand over your crib for hours making sure you were breathing correctly. & I honestly didn’t think you would grow tobe this damn gorgeous. But continue being that person you are. You bring moms so much joy. 😍😘

Don’t get mad at me cause you ain’t got nothing exciting about yourself to brag about but your kid 🤷🏾‍♂️

People ask how can I stay so positive is such a negative situation. At the end of the day I’m still alive. Another opportunity to make change & progress. My job out here in this world is to spread love & laughs. Pretty simply job when your equip with positive energy. I’m not perfect & never will be. But that won’t stop me from trying tobe. Thank you to those who display nothing but love for me. I appreciate you!☺️😘

I swear white folks be killing me with their request! What makes you think I want to babysit your poodle? Haha

Y'all paid for it, I got paid for it....#backstageexperience

Big chilling w/ the champ @jonnybones Of course I got my money on my boy. It's a Jones thang....#UFC

IDC wat shawty did to me. This my jacc off material. I wish I would just pass on my hard work. The T-mail days are over. Females making it way to hard to get blessed w/ the nudies. Hell in jail yu can get a couple cups of soup & some moe shit.m for some nudies. & she ain't even gotta be cute! Haha🤷🏾‍♂️

How you not like our black people. We are comedy. #AnybodyCanGetIt😵💢👊🏾

2 stars✨ & 1 diamond💎

She thought she was slicc tryna order some boneless from Hot Wing Cafe, I told the waitress; "naw she want bone-in, She in try-outs".....😋😚

Can you imagine if Beyoncé had "Blue Ivy's mom👶🏾 🎀💕" in her Instagram bio. Well @ lease we know who they both are. Haha. Not tryna be rude but I know I ain't the only person tired if seeing that....

😂😂😂😂😂 he auctioning me off! Hahaha he ready for me to get married tomorrow......

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