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Genius and success doesn't exclude anyone from dealing with depression and mental health issues. As we gear up for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September, today we're looking at 10 legendary authors who committed suicide. Link in bio.

All it takes is one defining moment for us to decide to shake things up and start making a change in our lives. For each of our 12 Champions, that trigger is going to be a little different, so today we’re going over the things that are likely to light the fire under your tuchus and get you moving. Link in bio.

Like anything in life, the first time tackling a task is usually riddled with mistakes and learning curves. Growing and shaping a beard is no different, but we're here to help. Read more at the link in our bio.

Every action is a result of a stimulus. When it comes to the epidemic of male suicide, that stimulus is often the onset of depression and the modern man’s lack of desire to talk about their issues and mental health. Read more at the link in our bio.

If you want to keep that massive man mane looking sharp and clean, put down the scissors - There's no need for a trim once you know this one awesome beard shaping hack. Link in bio.

@idriselba has done it all, from star in The Office to train to be an MMA fighter. And that's why he's this week's legendary man. Link in our bio.

Growing your beard out is the easy part. But what happens when you have to make a trim? Check out our 4 steps for a legendary beard trim now at the link in our bio!

Let's be serious; Tom Hardy oozes cool and knows what it means to be legendary. Learn what makes him so awesome in today's article at the link in our bio!

Today is the FINAL cash giveaway before our Quest of Champions event tomorrow! The clue of the day: The Bear. Take a look at the photo and track down that hidden cash!

Who's ready for our Thursday cash giveaway? Check out today's video clue and hunt down that hidden dinero!

Time for a Hump Day giveaway! We've got another cash drop happening in the city RIGHT NOW! The universe doesn't revolve around money, but today it just might... Check out today's photo clue for your chance to get your hands on Walter White's Lost Cash!

These concerned citizens are looking to talk to the local news outlets about us giving away their money.
Jesse went to KOB 4 (@ KOB4)
Saul went to KOAT (@ koat7news)
And Walter Jr went to KRQE (@ krqe)
The cash may be gone, but these guys still have something you can pick up that will help you get a head start on this weekend's Quest of Champions. Once you arrive at the news station locations above, snap a selfie and tweet it to each of the news stations (and @ Legendary_Man_) to let them know you're on a treasure hunt!
And for a chance to win cash prizes from $20-$200 at this weekend's event, like and share this post, and tag a friend in the comments who you want to bring with you to Saturday's Quest of Champions! We'll choose one lucky sharer to win a cash prize this weekend!

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