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I swear Hagrid. I swear I stroked it before I tried to open it 🖐🏼 it just... it just hate me. So now you see what will happen if you get attacked by the monsterbook of monsters. So stop crying Malfoy. Hope you like it 🤗 (Dedication to my potterhead @eleen.stokii )

Back in black. Today was the 80th birthday of my grandpa and I wore this makeup. I’m sorry, that I can’t post another facepaint today and it’s just this simple makeup. I’m sure I will delete this post later but for now I want to show it to you. Because I like it.

It’s time to kick some asses 🦇... it’s time to share some pink Deadpool pictures. The amazing @mcroft07 is holding a open collaboration for all artists to raise some money for @letsfcancer. Every donation will help and is for a good thing. And if you want you can also create a look for #paintdeadpoolpink to raise some awareness. More information and the link for donate something you can find in @mcroft07 Account. ... as you can see my look isn’t perfect but I want to thank @mcroft07 for encouraging me to try showing. So the shadowing in this makeup is for you. I’m a bit proud of it. It was so much fun turning into deadpool and a good reason for rewatching the movie.

⚠️ THIS IS JUST MAKEUP ⚠️ it easy to explain: me + boredom = bad idea.

Today is my birthday 🎂 🎉🎉🎉. Now I’m 18. It feels so strange. I’m sorry for not sharing a birthday makeup but I haven’t enough time. Maybe I will do it tomorrow 🤔.

Together we are strong 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜. It’s time to rise some #autismawareness. For more posts and information go and check out @jenfacepainting account. She is really amazing 💕. And she do so much to rise the awareness... all the respect to this amazing person ❤️. And by the way this is NOT an entry for the contest. But I thought that raising some awareness can’t be bad. Have a nice day 🤗

Good girls are bad girl who don’t get caught... It has been a long time since I did Harley makeup. I’m sure I will delete this post but for now I wanted to post it anyway.

Life is full of extremes. Blue and red... life and death... out of the ash new life grows. Just like a Phoenix 🔥. I’m back😅

Like a phoenix from the ashes. Set yourself on fire and rise from the ash. Never give up 🔥

Time for a new collaboration together with the amazing @jenfacepainting @smile.kindness.and.peace and @zoe_bodypainting. It was so much fun to do it and I love it so much how the green and purple matches. Go and check out the other artists, they are so amazing and talented. Show them same love 🖤

Happy Valentine’s Day 🖤.

They may take our lives but they‘ll never take our freedom ~Braveheart. A little kind of tattoo. Yeah, after @mcroft07 encouraged my to try shadowing, I tried and failed 😅 so I masked it with a bit fake blood. And yes, the sword on my arm was inspired by my sword Cothgûr. I know that the most of you hate my arm paintings but sometimes I want to try it out because I like it. I know that my paintings are less skilled and less creative then last year. And I’m sorry for that. I‘m so thankful for all of you who likes my looks anyway. Sometimes I don’t know why I have so many followers. I mean my development goes backwards and in the last time I’m not a huge optimist. Thanks to all of you who understand it and are patient with me 💕

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