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Happy Valentine’s Day 🖤.

They may take our lives but they‘ll never take our freedom ~Braveheart. A little kind of tattoo. Yeah, after @mcroft07 encouraged my to try shadowing, I tried and failed 😅 so I masked it with a bit fake blood. And yes, the sword on my arm was inspired by my sword Cothgûr. I know that the most of you hate my arm paintings but sometimes I want to try it out because I like it. I know that my paintings are less skilled and less creative then last year. And I’m sorry for that. I‘m so thankful for all of you who likes my looks anyway. Sometimes I don’t know why I have so many followers. I mean my development goes backwards and in the last time I’m not a huge optimist. Thanks to all of you who understand it and are patient with me 💕

⚠️THIS IS MAKEUP!!!⚠️ I want to rise #mentalilnessawareness. Being mentally sick is a serious sickness and not to laugh about ! And it’s not a sign of weakness ! Please don’t hide if you are sick and stay strong. I know that’s easy to say, but life really worth it. There are so many reasons to stay alive and to be happy. The colourful flowers should show that you will came out stronger and that out of the pain will raise a strong person. Yeah it’s a long and difficult way, but it worth it. Stay strong. (This is for a friend. She starts to suffer her second depression. I will stay at her side forever. And I will help her to come out of the black hole) keep your head up, fighter ❤️ #mentalilnessawareness #mentalillnessawareness @art_for_change_

I have no idea what I painted today. It was just full of colours and I thought it has it’s own charm. Hope you like it anyway 💕🖤. Do you have some ideas for a look I should do ? I’m a bit out of ideas 😅 it’s my way to say keep your head up 🖤

Hi, I’m Alex and today is my free day, means no distribution allowed. And no I’m not feel ashamed for the dancing video. I’m just born this way.

A dragon in the night. I’m sorry that this is an easier painting but I always wanted to try an neck painting and I’m still sick. Today I had such a bad day, that I cried for hours 😫. But painting made it a bit better. And thank you so much @kandy4beauty for this amazing dragon necklace. I love it so much. Hopefully I can wear it more often. I’m so glad and honoured that I‘m part of the kandy4beauty family. I can’t wait to work with them together again ❤️❤️❤️. I’m just happy about that.

Dad force me to help him this year. I have to visit the bad kids. It’s not easy to be the daughter of Santa. But daddy gave me a black Santa coat I’m so happy about it. I’m a bit proud because the coat is sewed by myself. The first thing since 2012 that I sewed. The wig is also styled by me and the makeup is done by me too, of course. I’m a little bit proud 😅🎄

Merry Christmas to you all 💗 thanks for all the love and the support you give to me. Here is a quick painting as Rudolph with a message. Rudolph was one of my first hero’s. And I still love him. He was bullied by the others because he was different. And he ran away because of that. But he found friends who loved him in the way he is. And in the end he came back and saved Christmas and his friends. He made a strength out of his weakness. Rudolph taught me to be myself and that I never give up. That I can be #proudtobeweird. So I’m proud to be a #rednosereindeer too. Thanks Rudolph for showing me that. So this makeup is for you. And don’t forget you are beautiful in the way you are 💗. #artforchange #brushesagainstbullies

The reindeer‘s are excited for tomorrow and practice to fly in the night. Finally I was able to do an painting 😅

Christmas is near so today is time for a Christmas collab together with these amazing artists. I feel so honoured that I was allowed to work together with them. Every time again. I love collabs. I would be so happy if I could do more. Thanks to all of the amazing artists. You definitely have to go and check them out. @azwar_sfx @june_fx @harlot_queen @leanne_petch @gore.and.more @kwih_fx @ikarosdemon.

“Hail to the queen 👑.” Today a I did my first Christmas look of this year. This is my candy cane queen. After the frustrating experiment yesterday I wanted to put some candy cane on my head. I look so royal or ?

I’m proud to be weird. On this point I could share my personal story. But there are a couple reasons why I don’t do it. It’s not because I don’t want or I can’t. There are other reasons for. But you have to go and check out @weirdsteadfastmovement. She is amazing and strong. And stands against bullying. I really like what she is doing so this painting is for her.

The ‘secret face’ of epilepsy. This is my second post to rise epilepsy awareness. Go and check out @jenfacepainting for more information about epilepsy. She is so great. A great artist and a very nice person. Go and show her some love. I wish you and your family the best. And all best wishes to your daughter Morgan. 💜💜💜 #epilepsyawareness

November is epilepsy awareness month. Thank you so much @jenfacepainting that you offered me the chance to work together with you. It’s such a big honour. Please go and check out her account for more information about epilepsy and epilepsy awareness. She is so great and nice. #epilepsyawareness #jenfacepainting

I felt today that I should do this. I don’t know if I could do a look next week. At the moment I’m out of ideas. Maybe you have one for me ? This is a statement against bullying. In the last time I got so many messages which told me that I’m untalented and I would never achieve something. I feel they are right. Some goals I will never achieve. Hard to accept. And I know a lot of people which are bullied or got told to stop dreaming. Please don’t believe them. You are wonderful no matter what they say. Go on dreaming. Do what you want and don’t listen to them. #brushesagainstbullying #brushesagainsthate #brushesagainstbullies

They don’t call me a dragonblood without a reason. Some dragon tattoos today, because I have a headache and can’t move my arm. So I had to use it to paint. I know these are far way from perfect and I have to practice a lot. After one year I still feel like a beginner. So much respect to @jenfacepainting that she can do so great arm paints.

Happy Halloween 🎃. It’s finally Halloween. I’m so happy. This year is the first year, I don’t celebrate with friends because no one had time. Here is a picture of me and my own „cemetery“. I’m dressed up as a zombie and wear the makeup of it. 😂😂😂 #halloween #halloween2017 #hnshares #zombiemakeup #halloweenmakeup

Halloween 🎃 is near 😱😱😱. Today a little collaboration between me and my best friend the amazing @cshairstyles. We choose the topic spider. Here you can see our work. I did the makeup (and failed 😂) and she the hair style. If you need inspiration for a hair style you definitely have to go and check her account. Her work is so great.

Sugar skull. It tooks me about 2 hours to create it and I don’t know why but I’m so happy how it turned out. There a some things I did for the first time and I‘m so happy with it ☺️. And so many thanks to @demi_sfx_mua for explaining me how to use liquid latex 🤗#sugarkull #horror_sketches #5fingersfeatures

⚠️this is makeup⚠️ sorry guys I know it annoys you but I couldn't resist and so I did a Friday the 13 makeup. I hope you had a great day. For me it was a typical Friday the 13 😓😅

⚠️this is makeup⚠️ I Start in my second face painting year with something I never did before. Liquid latex. I hate how it turned out 😓. Did someone use it too ? And what do you think about liquid latex ? This day was horrible. First I fell down the stairs. And my skin started to peel of and my eyeshadow get empty. But so I look good at the Halloween party 😂😂😂

A year full of painting. One year ago I started with face painting and this account. In this one year I achieved so much. More than I ever believed. I'm so close to 400 followers, I have a picture with 100 likes and a video which is watched about 100 times and joined my first collaboration. I met so very nice people. I want to say thank you, to all of you. It means so much to me. I love you all so much. Thank you 😘 some special thanks to @totalnightmaretravis, @lord_lucifer_thranduil_haramir, @bellatrix_hermione_haramir, @wetacollector @demycosplay @arkhamledgercosplay, @mirkwood_daggi, @facepainting_mrscrystal, @beautiful_vanity_ , @jenfacepainting and so much more 😘

⚠️this is makeup⚠️ finally it's October. Halloween is coming. I'm so happy. So today I did this makeup. I think I look a little bit like one of these Childs in horror movies. What do you think ? #halloween #eyesofeatures #horror_sketches #sfxmakeup #5fingerfeatures #horrorhags #halloweenlook #spookymonth

⚠️this is just makeup⚠️ one of my fails. I tried to do a vampire bite but it turns out to a venomous wound. But Halloween is coming 🎃

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