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~Hey, would you allow me to be a part of your nightmares ? I promise we will have a lot of fun. I will make you scream.~ so I asked you and the majority wanted to see meph again. I wasn’t sure if I should post her because it was a lot of work and I spend a lot of time doing her and making the pictures. I also hurt my foot because I tried to be spooky and creepy (that works better if I’m just me). But nobody liked her and that was really disappointing for me. Maybe I was just too blessed in the last time with support or I just had a lot of luck and my work is still shit and nothing special. Just a friendly reminder... I’m not a cosplayer I’m still mainly a girl who does makeup and so I try to give you a makeup with a fitting look including hair but I’m not able to do every time a special costume. (Only show you the costumes which have a good makeup) I was thinking if I should skip my Halloween looks this year but at the moment the majority of you says: Don’t you dare to skip your Halloween looks. So yeah... I can’t promise that it will be spooky but it will be Halloween themed 🧛‍♀️🧟‍♀️🤷‍♀️.

Two years full of painting 😱🍂 today it’s exactly two years ago that I uploaded my first picture and I started with this face painting and sfx stuff. So what should I say after these two years? I still have no clue what I’m doing. When someone would ask me for a good advice, the only thing I could say is: if a part of a makeup doesn’t look good put fake blood over it...😂😂😂 seriously all what I’m is based on try and error... so that’s it 😅. I started this account with the Intension to encourage people to do everything they want even when they think they can’t. If I can do it than everyone can do it. And if I can do this you can do everything you want. And I can’t believe how far this went. When I started I thought it’s just phase and I will stop in a short time, but now two years later... it’s not just phase. I got over 600 followers, that is so incredible for me 💕💕💕. When I started I thought I will get 100 maybe 200 followers and now this is so overwhelming... I’m so blessed with having you all. I met so many nice people during this time 💕💕💕 I don’t know what to say... I’m so deeply touched at the moment, I just want to cry 💗. I met so many lovely and inspiring people. Last year I tagged some people under my anniversary video but this year I’m not able to do it, there are soo many of you I should tag but I’m afraid of forgetting someone. So if you read this I mean you when I say: “thank you so much for support, your love and everything 💕 it means the world to me. Without you I would gave up a long time ago and would stand here. A big hug from me to you 🤗”. I don’t know what to say more. Thank you all so much 💕💕💕 after my video you can see a few side by side pictures of looks. Left is the old one, right the new one. 🤗🤗🤗 have a great day everyone 😉
Music: We don’t need a hero from edguy

~A good friend told me a riddle: why is a raven like a writing desk ?~ here as promised the pictures of my card warrior. Yeah I know that the other costume was better but for me it was a great experience to let my inner fantasy freak out. But I will be my last armoured costume because it’s so difficult to put it on. And I’m sure I will never wear it again because it was a bit difficult for me to get into the character (she hasn’t a name yet... if you have an idea please tell me), her background story is always switching in my mind and the costume cost me a lot of time which didn’t worth it, sadly. So I’m a bit disappointed, even when I like the whole thing with the makeup. I was thinking about writing a short story between her and the knave of hearts but I thought nobody would like to read this so, here is another caption. it was so difficult to find a neutral caption because I‘m not sure if this character is a good or a bad one. I would like her to share a side with the mad hatter but I can’t see the white queen as the „good“ because she is a bit strange too (from Tim burtons movie). All in all I like the costume a kind of, but I‘m the only one who likes it, which makes me sad. But it was fun to take the pictures. Have a nice day 🤗

Ok this time 24 h for real, because I hate this headpiece so much. It’s ugly af. But this is version 3 because the other two didn’t worked. And looked more horrible. So I‘m not motivated enough to make a new one. And by the way... I don’t have an idea what design I should choose...

I never wanted to post this on my account but I feel so much like a pessimist that I don’t want to spread some good vibes... sorry for that, maybe it’s better next week.

~ “Are you ready for the dinner party J ? Cause I am. It wouldn’t be nice to let mr. Wayne wait.” ~ So this is how my dress turned out. I think it looks much better than the first try last December. It’s my own version of club Harley. I need a lot of confidence to post this pictures, but the pictures looked good and I felt comfortable enough in the dress, so I decided to share them. So hate will not tolerated. Hope you like it and you have a nice day... 🤗

Uuh... you wanna know how I got these scars ? Sit down, I tell you the funny story (if you want to know the story you can check out my insta tv. I uploaded two versions... which one is true ?) say hello to my new character: the jokeress. Today Fall begins (for me) and I just got some Halloween 🎃 vibes so I decided to create something Halloween like (I started with watching Halloween diys and thinking about a Halloween costume. I’m just super excited 😂)and I rewatched the dark knight... so I felt like doing a joker inspired makeup. The last time I did it was in December 2016. But I’m a bit afraid of posting it because the last joker inspired makeup got a lot of hate and nobody liked it so I hope this time you will like it because it took me hours to create it (damn but great scars 😅). Let the madness grow. Greetings from the jokeress 😈🎃 and yes I’m angry that the quality of the photos is so bad and I don’t know why... and I’m angry that I didn’t have a better background for pictures 😩

All I need is a palette of facepaint 🎨 because I didn’t wanted to bother you all with Harley Quinn pictures again I decided to post a few pictures of the painted pieces I added... 🤪

There's a war inside my head
Sometimes I wish that I was dead, I'm broken
So I call this therapist
And she said, "Girl, you can't be fixed, just take this." (Song: I’m gonna show you crazy) ~ new highlights in my hair for the next few days... what do you think ? Sorry but I wasn’t able to resist... but after 3 days of watching makeup and sfx tutorials I had to try something out. Maybe I delete it later but for now I proud and post it 😅

I swear Hagrid. I swear I stroked it before I tried to open it 🖐🏼 it just... it just hate me. So now you see what will happen if you get attacked by the monsterbook of monsters. So stop crying Malfoy. Hope you like it 🤗 (Dedication to my potterhead @eleen.stokii )

Back in black. Today was the 80th birthday of my grandpa and I wore this makeup. I’m sorry, that I can’t post another facepaint today and it’s just this simple makeup. I’m sure I will delete this post later but for now I want to show it to you. Because I like it.

It’s time to kick some asses 🦇... it’s time to share some pink Deadpool pictures. The amazing @mcroft07 is holding a open collaboration for all artists to raise some money for @letsfcancer. Every donation will help and is for a good thing. And if you want you can also create a look for #paintdeadpoolpink to raise some awareness. More information and the link for donate something you can find in @mcroft07 Account. ... as you can see my look isn’t perfect but I want to thank @mcroft07 for encouraging me to try showing. So the shadowing in this makeup is for you. I’m a bit proud of it. It was so much fun turning into deadpool and a good reason for rewatching the movie.

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