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The throat chakra has been a place that I have continually healed throughout my life. It’s a place of expression. A place of sharing the creations that move through me. If this is you too... say it with me, “It is safe for me to express. I honor my expression and voice.”

Allow the essence of flowers to speak to you, to move you, to inspire you.

12 Month Forecast Angel Readings!
Only a few spots remain for 2019. DM me to book yours 🙌🏼🧚🏼‍♀️✨

Client crystal healing session...
Even if you don’t know the purpose or intention of a specific crystal, it still works! The history, ancient wisdom and healing properties live within a crystal always. It’s truly beautiful. —-> Message me to book your crystal healing session. 💕

I said ‘no’ many many times to my internal voice.
I used the excuses of, “I don’t know how.” “That seems scary.” “What will people think?” -

It took a Melanoma skin cancer diagnosis to WAKE ME UP! -

I heard my Higher Self that day... loud and clear. “You are meant for more.” “We have a plan for you that is bigger than you could imagine.” -

It was as if I had a choice point. -
I chose to LISTEN. I chose to ALIGN. I chose to AWAKEN.

I fall more and more in love with my ‘work’, my clients and my mission every single day. -

If you’ve ever been with me in session, at an event, immersed in a retreat... you know how much passion I bring. 🔥 -

Want to know what it’s like to understand, utilize and embrace your own spiritual gifts? -
Are you ready to live ON PURPOSE, WITH PURPOSE? -
I have a few client openings... Let’s chat.

Did you know that when a hibiscus flower blooms, it’s only there for 1-3 days?!?! It’s such a reminder the life happens in the moment. To be present. To pause. To appreciate. To be grateful. .

Take a moment, right now, not in 30 min or later tonight... and take 3 deep breaths. .

What do you notice? How do you feel? What is present for you? ✨✨✨

This photo represents so much to me. I believe it captures my essence. My raw, radiant, beautiful self. The dancer. The healer. The artist. The mom. The wife. The daughter. The sister. The friend. The medicine woman. The world changing leader. .

It shows triumph over the struggles. It represents freedom from emotional pains.

It captures the dance of my soul. And it embodies the Light of my heart.

I walk this Earth on a soul mission to heal. To hold space for each woman to restore her mind, body and soul to alignment with her TRUTH. .

Every woman (and man) deserves to KNOW her essence... to live it, to share it, to be celebrated for it. .

I have just opened a few client spots for 2019. I am here. Are you ready? #awakenyoursoul

How do you express yourself? Take some time to observe how you express... through words, through actions, through silence... Reevaluate what it is you wish to share.
We have entered an ascended earth and now more than ever, expression is necessary. Whether it’s messy or perfect, start to experiment with something deep, something real, something true. 🙏🏻

Leading a women’s circle... to feel, to connect, to express, to heal. Heart so full!! #lightafterlossretreat #caymanislands #lightafterloss
The incredible host @drannettestephenson has released new dates for the next Light After Loss Retreat! If you or someone you know has experienced pregnancy loss, miscarriage or still birth... this is a beautiful event. DM me for details. 🙏🏻

There are no words for this moment. Womb healing is so sacred. Spirit moves through me and presents miracles. ✨
To book your healing session, DM me! .
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Soul Painting. Try it sometime. It’s a wonderful way to let your soul speak through art. Turn on some music, put your brush to the canvas and just GO. Allow. Breathe. Release. Celebrate. Thank you @drannettestephenson for your guidance and holding space for such a beautiful experience. #lightafterloss #lightafterlossretreat

Own it. All of you. All the pieces and parts. The light, the dark and everything in between.

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