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JAYMEE MCKENNAN  Life Coach✌🏻Lover of Art, Authenticity & Activism. For the women who wear their 💕on their sleeves & slogans on their shirts✉️jaymee@authenticool.com


Are you guilty of emotion guilt? I am! @jadeelizabethadey reminded me to snap out of it this morning!
Why? Because we, as enlightened individuals are so quick to judge ourselves for feeling any "negative" emotions - as soon as we feel sad, disappointed or angry - we instantly feel BAD about it!
Then we justify ignoring our "negative" emotions by saying things like "Oh, I shouldn't be feeling sad because ..., ..., and .... are all going well in my life". Yes! those things are 👌 and we SHOULD be grateful for them, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't feel sad/disappointed/angry!
It's ALL of our emotions combined that make us balanced human beings! So next time you feel sad, FEEL IT! and move on. Remember, you are entitled to feel ALL of your emotions, GUILT-FREE 💗J x
🎨Artwork by the talented @a.little.bit.of.goss

Simply add 1x book + 1x body to the bath and my #selfcaresunday = sorted 👍🛁What have you done this weekend that was just for YOU?

The magic is in the mundane, said the moon 🌕

On Wednesday, I OFFICIALLY graduated as a @bycacademy Life Coach! And ever since I have been feeling an overwhelming sense of GRATITUDE (hence pic of you @gratitude_project 😘) and I just HAD to share. Ange, thank you for all your support (you have given me, ever 😂) but specifically the support and guidance you gave when I was considering becoming a coach - without it I wouldn’t have had the confidence to commit to the course and ultimately coaching. @kate_caddle thank you for introducing me to the BYLCC and supporting, gently guiding and cheering me on for the entirety of my studies! 💕 I am so lucky to have you two beauties in my life! @julesyparker, you are such an inspiration! You have changed the lives of so many, including mine and I am so deeply grateful that you decided to create this course and connect us all! And to your wing women @theeventhead and @heart_sparks and all the women I completed the course with thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️
I only know one thing for certain right now and that is, if you have ever considered becoming a coach or have any questions about coaching please send me DM because this course has changed my life both professionally and personally, and for that I am forever grateful! (Word of the week 😂) .
#flashbackfriday pic of @gratitude_project and I, taken by the ever-so talented @emmalouisenewby at the @bycacademy Brisbane Inspiration Day all the way back in April 💕J x

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the first ever #convoclubgc hosted by the beautiful @kate_caddle and Jasmin of @lemoncanary. I left with full hands (aka a generous goodie bag) + a full heart after an evening creating new connections and soulful conversations - something I feel that we don't engage in enough! Inspired I've set myself a new intention for the week - to have more meaningful conversations and less small-talk👌Are you in? Or do you have a different intention for the week ahead? let me know in the comments below👇
On the night I was also blessed to spend some time with the beautiful and uber-talented @emmalouisenewby who gets all the credit for this candlelit shot 💕J x

9 months ago I resigned from my final pharmacy job. Unemployed and let's face it, a little bored I signed up for (nearly) every personal development workshop on the Gold Coast and eventually found a awesome (and very flexible) part-time job. I felt amazing, but something was still missing. So, I signed up for another series with my coach and it all became clear - I wanted to support people in the way she had supported me. So without hesitation I signed up to the @bycacademy life coaching course and haven't looked back since! It has been an incredible journey both personally and professionally and I am both sad and excited to be finishing up in a few weeks
In celebration of my nearing graduation I am offering 4x FREE pro-bono coaching series in return for an honest testimonial for my website. So, if you or someone you know may be interested in coaching with me, send an email to: jaymee@authenticool.com and I will send through some further information! Can't wait to chat 💕Jaymee x
Photography by @tamjoske 📸

Day 3 - So in that moment I had a choice, I could either push through it all and keep living life the way I was (as a stressed and tired people pleaser) or I could take this series of unfortunate events as a sign and start putting myself first. I chose the latter and with the support of my coach I began re-creating my life, on my terms. I resigned from 2 of 3 jobs and got a full time role doing something completely new. I moved out of the unit I owned, renovated and rented it out. After 4 weeks of borrowing cars I eventually bought my own and I found an awesome little shack for the dog and I to live in. The best part was that I was (Finally!) starting to say "no" to things that I didn't actually want to do -Yess!
Jump on tomorrow to read about what I am up to now and how you can get involved 💕Jaymee x
Pic via @soworthloving 📸

Day 2 - It seemed like I was doing well? Well in all honesty, I wasn’t. You see I was always working over-time, constantly stressed, tired and my diet was predominately McDonalds and takeaway Chinese food. It was only by my 4th year out of school that I (Finally 😂) figured out that being sick, stressed and tired was no way to live and I hired a Health Coach. I think at this stage my coach and I were only 1 session in when I was working the night shift at my 3rd pharmacy job (yes third, mortgage remember). It was a quiet night, nothing out of the ordinary when someone suddenly became desperate and robbed the store at knife point. Thankfully no one was injured, however in those few moments my perspective on life had changed forever - I was inconsolable. After a few days off I was asked to come back to work as “it’ll be a good distraction” and the people-pleaser within me had to oblige - I mean, I couldn’t let anybody down? 🙄Well the universe had other plans. The day before I was supposed to return to work a ute stopped behind me at the traffic lights (accidentally) drove through my cars boot. Much to my distress my car was a write-off and needed to be towed away. So there I was, inconsolable once again but this time sans car.
Jump on tomorrow to read about how it all got better (can only go up from here, right?) Jaymee x
Artwork by the uber-talented @sophierosebrampton 📸

Welcome to my corner of the internet 💕
I am so glad you're here! Over the next couple of days I am going to share a (shortened) version of my personal story of getting to where I am today - talking to you!
So I have been working ever since I've been of legal working age. In high school I had 2 (at one stage 3) part-time jobs and before I had even graduated Grade 12, I had been offered a full-time position in the pharmacy I had been working in after school. I accepted the job, I replaced school with work and time for money. Because that's what you do right!? I remained working for that company for 5 years following and during that time I accomplished quite a lot: I brought my first property - solo - at 18, lived alone, I adopted my dog, I was offered different positions and responsibilities - with those came more money, I was rewarded with dinners drinking expensive wine and driving expensive cars, I became quite close with many important decision makers (within the company) and I worked my ass off day-in day-out trying to impress them. I was doing good ...right? Wrong.
Jump on tomorrow to read the next instalment of how my life had to fall apart, to come together ✌🏻Jaymee x
Photography by the incredible @tamjoske

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