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Anthony Lee 🐯⛩ KINJAZ  🐯 @kinjaz ⛩ @kinjazdojo 🇨🇳 @kinjazdojochina 🥋 @kin.aesthetik 🎥 @vibrvncy 🏟 @arenadancecomp 🏹 @ambushpack

Thanks to everyone who signed up! We packed tonight! @kinjazdojo 🐯⛩ be sure to get into @raybasa and @faustinoben ‘s class!

I can’t believe we’re already near the end of the year. It’s been quite a RIDE...hasn’t it? 😬🐯

Got something new. Close to the heart. Wednesday 8:30 @kinjazdojo in LA, 2+ hour class #kinjaz

The boys are back in town. Choreographed this little diddy with @v1nh and danced with our long haired brother @patcruz . I like this song because it sounds epic and nothing really quite repeats itself...it’s consistently inconsistent making the representation of the music ever-changing and unpredictable. 👌 thanks @agnezmo & @chrisbrownofficial #kinjaz 🎥: @nickkim90 of @vibrvncy #dance #urbandance #choreography watch the full video on the @kinjaz YouTube!

Wait. Hold up. Wow. @villnlor u are amazing man. This right here. That urban breakin choreo tho. That flow tho. That underground flow. And the purpose. Man. Period.

#Repost @villnlor
Dedicating this piece to my Dad, a Hmong veteran who fought a secret war among others for the CIA in the late 1960s to early 1970s. This ones for all the veterans and the fallen soldiers from both sides of war. This is for all the people who’s recently lost someone they love. This is for you. Love with no boundaries. 🙏🏼❤️ | @thelorbrothers .

I had the opportunity to teach this class for the grand opening of the @kinjazdojochina in Beijing. Grateful to bless it with this Urban Breaking piece. Props to everyone who came out and challenged themselves on the floor (#floorwork). 🐯🌊
@kinjaz @_undergroundflow_ @sinostage
@frenchkiwijuice - “Why Are There Boundaries”

Just got back home from an incredible trip down to San Diego to see an incredible show. The @beyondbabelshow really gave me an immense amount of inspiration in a number of different ways. The tastefulness in the issues that were brought to light purely through their choreography was ridiculous! AND the level of athleticism the entire cast executed was so BEYOND. @kneeenur and I sat front row and were constantly engaged and in awe of what we felt from each and every performer. So proud to have movers like this come from our community. And @keonemadrid @_marimadrid and truly living legends. Thanks for a great experience ❤️

@kinjaz and @vibrvncy went on a play date and @sinostage was the chaperone . More importantly, we did this for the fans. Who’s ready for some new videos?!

Happy birthday dad! I can’t wait for you to dance in a @kinjaz video one day.

🍃 living in a new space. Trying to pay attention to the small things that make this spot meaningful. It’s the little things.

This photo was taken exactly 1 year ago. Thanks for being born little one. The glue of the familee ❤️ #aulaniraine #uncle

So today....I really gotta give it up to my brother @v1nh || I know I see him damn near everyday but it’s no excuse to not share respect and love when’s its due. This is the guy that has made the largest impact on my choreographic artistry in recent years and I still continue to learn from him everyday. His hustle is strong, his vision is focused, and his talent is undeniable. In every job or obstacle that we’ve been put up against, we’ve been able to go above and beyond because we vibe with each other, communicate well, and work our asses off. I’m so proud of everything that we’ve accomplished together and I’m stoked for all that we still dream to do. || I guess I’m also posting this in a 2018-social-media attempt to keep us accountable for the dreams we have. So all of our family and friends and fans remember that you and I promise to create some awesome art, to genuinely pass down our knowledge and experiences as selflessly as possible, and to eat pho in every country we visit. And yes @gabriveee is always welcome to join so long as @kneeenur can come too. ❤️❤️❤️ #cheese #hopefulbrowniepoints #backtothetopicofthepost #iloveyouman #nowletsgetbacktowork #ofcoursevibrvncyshotthis @nickkim90 @vibrvncy @kinjaz

Flowin into Monday.

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