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Anthony Lee 🐯⛩ KINJAZ  🐯 @kinjaz ⛩ @kinjazdojo 🇨🇳 @kinjazdojochina 🥋 @kin.aesthetik 🎥 @vibrvncy 🏟 @arenadancecomp 🏹 @ambushpack

Focus. There’s a lot of mental discipline needed to live the life of a successful artist. Remember, success isn’t always defined by money, power, or stature...it’s defined by health and happiness. Stay focused on what’s truly important; keep your eyes on the prize.

I’m just gonna leave this right here. @xtonytran 🤯 || cc: @philgarvin @kinjaz @jamrepublicofficial 🐯

Starboys. || 🐯 @kinjaz ⭐️📸: @vibrvncy

Ehem* (2/2) || @kinjaz ⚔️ @keoneandmari ft. @derekhough rehearsal

When the dancing is always so much clearer in rehearsal videos. || @_marimadrid featuring the @kinjaz & @derekhough 😉🐯 (1/2)

Throwback. That’s my girl. 😍 @kneeenur

Reminder to everyone out there (or maybe even just to ourselves)...we didn’t win ABDC or NBC, as a matter of fact (in my opinion) we’ve always had to face uphill battles in this dance game. “Asian” “all guys” “dancers” or whatever...in every corner of the industry people keep trying to tell you that you can’t do it....I say KINJABANG to all the nay-sayers. Never let anyone tell you you’re not a champion. Just keep your eyes forward, work harder than everyone else, and let your actions do the talking. We ain’t slowing down for even a second. Respect all, fear none. 🐯 @kinjaz

Did y’all get a chance to see us touch the @nbcworldofdance floor again? Real talk, such a blessing to share the stage with our fam @keonemadrid and @_marimadrid || such a nostalgic feeling to rethink of the memories and experiences we had over a year ago. To many more. #danceisoursport #kinatallcosts

All my friends are posting about this so I will too. Ayyyye. U know we had to, but this time, with more KIN. 🐯 @kinjaz @nbcworldofdance

To the white tigers out there. Here’s a quick collab that me and @patcruz put together for @thebeatcamp this year! Mad fun getting down with both @shaunevaristo and @brianpuspos as well || we just wanted to have fun, train some movement dynamics, act like kids, and dance around. Hope y’all enjoy 😉 “white tiger” - @izzybizu cat carpenters remix 🐯

Throwback to the fade of my life. Purposeless post because I don’t want to clean my apartment. #yafeelme

Happy birthday to my brotha @jawnha || one of the most dedicated, intentional, honest, and real @$$ muthafoodstamps I’ve ever met. Thank you for showing me courage, drive, ambition, and heart all day/everyday. Love ya broski. #kinatallcosts #kinjaz

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