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Anthony Lee 🐯⛩ KINJAZ  🐯 @kinjaz ⛩ @kinjazdojo 🇨🇳 @kinjazdojochina 🥋 @kin.aesthetik 🎥 @vibrvncy 🏟 @arenadancecomp 🏹 @ambushpack

Klassic. 🐯

I freakin love mini recap videos. My favorite part is @bam_martin ‘s freestyle because he’s completely joking there but it stills looks dope af. Thanks @chad.mayate !
@vibrvncy @kinjaz @7_luhan_m @audemarspiguet @jawnha @razalan @sinostage

I know I still look young for my age but the years are adding up. Experience reveals itself in the aging of ones face. Definitely not a boy anymore but I’ve got many strides ahead of me before becoming the man I aim to be. 📷: @vibrvncy cc: @ithk

A big shout out to the brother @7_luhan_m for moving and grooving with the @kinjaz at the @audemarspiguet anniversary. 🐯 #kinjabang

I am grateful for this community...and yes, if you’re reading this I mean you. Our global dance community is filled of all types of people from different walks of life that contribute in different ways..that’s what makes us a community. There are no leaders if there are no followers, no performers without an audience, no teachers without their students. We all are in this together and the support and connectedness is what keeps us moving forward. Thank you to every single person out there in our community.

My list of thank you’s continue and this one right here is a super special one. To my brother @charlesvnguyen who always shares the stage with me, we did that. And we’ll always be doing this. I’m so thankful that we get to just be ourselves up there...we get to just be the friends that we’ve always been, backing each other up and providing the hype. To everyone else out there, I promise you, there’s something special about Charles. When he’s in the room, everyone is smiling, and that’s a superpower that I’m so glad the brotherhood has. One of my best mates through and through, for he is a jolly good fellow. @arenadancecomp @kinjaz || btw the second photo is when I bet he couldn’t throw a T-shirt up to the balcony level and he did so I had to do push ups in front of 1600 people. Thanks for capturing everything @vibrvncy !!!

A huge thank you to my crew @kinjaz for always pushing ourselves to the limits. Who would’ve thought we would take it this far from our Anbu Black Ops days...7 international Arena events later and still putting more dudes on stage than ever before. The thing that brings me the most joy is that we all still work so hard at staying connected, no matter where we are in our personal life journeys. This is what #KinAtAllCosts is about. May we continue to discover our barriers so that we can shatter them. And may we continue to do it together until the end of days. #kinjaz #respectallfearnone @arenadancecomp 🐯

It’s finally all over. @arenadancecomp LA @kinjam.rafn and #ArenaDanceCAMP have come to a finish this year and I’m more than exhausted. I have a million thank you’s to give out before I can collapse tho so let’s start at the beginning. I’m so proud to be a part of the @sinostage family and when I look at this marquee I see the journey of the last 4 years sprawled onto the last line in 16 characters. “KINJAZ&SINOSTAGE” ✊️ thank you for believing in me and in us. Thank you for always being the match to our ambition and drive and the support behind our dreams to elevate our community and culture. I’m happy to say that this is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see where this road takes us all.

Here’s a picture of us reaching for our dreams. @kinjaz 🐯 here’s me shamelessly tagging @arenadancecomp because you should all follow our journey in that dance platform because it will be around for a long time. ✌️

I’m not quite done with this epic week of dance mayhem on the west coast. We’re more than half way through the camp and I haven’t even gotten a chance to digest and debrief both the dance competition and the jam on Sunday. Let’s just say that my soul is full and my mind is going to explode and it’s all worth it. Seeing the audience members light up with joy, seeing the dance community party together during intermission, knowing our craft and culture has been elevated with more events and connection....it’s all a blur now but if any of you were any part of it, near or far....thank you from the bottom of my heart. Oh, and if you’re coming to me and Keone’s special class today, get ready for a 3 minute routine. 🤙🤙🤙 #kinjabang playas @arenadancecomp

@arenadancecomp is 3 days away. I can’t believe it. This is one of the biggest life projects that I’ve personally ever worked on considering it’s international presence and continued growth and reach, annually. And as much love as I have for both China and Singapore, LA is my home. This is where it matters most. This is where I grew up, learned my dance craft, and put it to the test. I’m so excited for everyone that’s a part of it. Let’s celebrate dance this coming week. #arena #kinjam #arenadancecamp @kinjaz @sinostage @vibrvncy 🏟

I’ve found myself talking about Ruth everyday since the premiere and my feed has been flooded with friends and fans alike supporting the work of @keonemadrid & @_marimadrid ...and i love it. Plus...gotta shout out to all of the dance friends that i’ve met along this path that were in the e-book as well, so phenomenal what a group of people can do together. And of course shout out to my @kinjaz ...esp the ones that were fully covered and represented dark things..u know who u are............🐯 and look at this nice photo by @jyshih21 based on the content within, it looks like pat and jed are dating.

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