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Anthony Lee 🐯⛩ KINJAZ  🐯 @kinjaz ⛩ @kinjazdojo 🇨🇳 @kinjazdojochina 🥋 @kin.aesthetik 🎥 @vibrvncy 🏟 @arenadancecomp 🏹 @ambushpack

And a quick throwback to our grand opening of @kinjazdojochina in Beijing. Even now, design changes have been made to improve the feel and look of the new space and it’s all almost finished! To all of the teachers and students that have gotten a chance to check the space out and share you energy, thanks and I’m excited for you guys to see how it’s improved. For everyone else who is about to experience it in the near or distant future, thanks in advance. And yes, if you are reading this and have it as a goal to teach at one of our dojo’s someday, I’m sending you positive energy and encouragement. Hopefully we’ll cross paths in our training sanctuary. Reminder: the @kinjazdojo isn’t about being the best dance studio in the world, it’s the home of the way of the @kinjaz and our teachings. Those who step through our doors are opening their hearts, minds, and spirits to the way of life that we have learned to share with each other...for better or for worse. #respectallfearnone #kinatallcosts #movementintheshadows #mastertheartofstudent #eachoneteachone 🐯⛩

Wish I could head down to SD to watch @beyondbabelshow one more time since it’s their last week. Another huge congrats to my KIN, @keoneandmari and the entire beyond Babel cast and crew for this glorious foot print of legacy and this shining example of artistry through dance...at a time when we as humans need it most. I couldn’t be more proud to be in this generation with y’all and can’t wait for the next project because I know you guys are among the hardest workers with the biggest dreams filled with the deepest purpose. I am beyond inspired. And this is our obligatory k&m shot beautifully executed in selfie mode. S/o to my @kneeenur 😘

💪 #Repost @filmthusiast
Adolf Hitler banned “The Great Dictator” in Germany and in all countries occupied by the Nazis. Curiosity got the best of him, and he had a print brought in through Portugal. History records that he screened it twice, in private, but history did not record his reaction to the film. Charles Chaplin said, "I'd give anything to know what he thought of it." For political reasons in Germany, the ban stayed after the end of WWII until 1958. 🎙

Throwback to that one time...😅 @kinjaz ⚔️ @7_luhan_m ⚔️ @audemarspiguet

Siiick 200k on the tube for this one. I appreciate all of you that appreciated this piece. More than the moves, I really love dancing with these dudes. Allllllll homo. @v1nh @patcruz 🐯 #kinjabang @vibrvncy

Whoa, it’s been a week since posting! Life has been flying by and I feel like I’m just trying to hold on by its tailcoat. Luckily I’ve got moments like these to perfectly capture moments and memories with people that mean the most to me. And to you, the homies that support the craft and what we do, I’m dancing for y’all! Happy Monday everyone! New freestyle vid on the @kinjaz YouTube 🐯🤙
🎵: @anderson._paak & @kendricklamar 🕺🏻: @charlesvnguyen @btek_benchung @v1nh and myself 🎥: @nickkim90 of @vibrvncy 🎞: @sinostage

And it’s out! Got the privilege of choreographing (with @v1nh as usual 😏) for @realllllmino from @winnercity solo album track to “FIANCÉ”. This was a really fun process because we got to bring in some ladies to bring the song to life and I gotta say, Mino smashes this! #kinjabang #ygentertainment 🐯#movementintheshadows

Also I just hit 220k on the gram so here’s a photo of the time I went to SD to train 220! Haha #commUNITY

Check out my mermaid pose in @patcruz ‘s new video on the @kinjaz tube. Actually, maybe check out the good moves and great vibes first, then if you’re thirsty for more, look at my merman self. || Pat, you my freakin brother man. Thanks for this one.

Probably still the hardest show we put together this year, and we’ve done new shows all year. MON$TER. Can anyone name all of our other shows from this year? @kinjaz 🐯

Happy Black Friday from @kin.aesthetik 🐯🥋 limited quantities and a bunch of new stuff.

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