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Angel Zamora  8/28/16 β€πŸ”’

Love My Girl πŸ’•πŸ’•

1 Donation = 3 saved lives

*insert cute caption*

It's meet day! Too bad I can't run, but Good luck to my Jayhawk Fam!

Happy 17th Birthday to my Auntie!

Photo Creds.. Mya Moffet

Posted this on Fb but is thought I'd put it on here too... Dear Jamason,
I can't take in that you're gone. It feels like yesterday I'd go to the park and you'd smile at me for coming to hang out after school. We'd ball up for hours and hours. You taught me to become a better basketball player and to stay humble. I remember me being so intimidated by you because you were such a great basketball player. I remember playing against you in school ball, and telling everyone Hey. You see that kid from Truman? Watch out. I talked so high about you. I still do... When you moved away we didn't stay in touch. The last time I saw you was when you and I went to Green lake. A bible camp. I remember being so happy to see you. We talked for hours each day. We shared the gospel and help other kids understand it at such a young age. I'll never forget What you told me one day at Green lake "We gunna be best friends in heaven dude." Today, I dedicate my Cross country race To Jamason, and to anyone else who was involved in the car crash. Ill be praying for you all.

See you again some day Jamason.

You're Childhood friend,
Angel Zamora

XC Meet at Maple River wit my auntie 😊 Come watch me drag myself across the finish line!

From The night we had our 5 hour Convo, I knew you were mine. I remember me thinking about How great you were and I wanted you in my life. Tbh I was scared to ask you out on a date bc I though you were too good for me. It bothered me for days and days until one night we were talking on the phone and I confessed that I was in love with you. There was an awkward silence for awhile. I was starting to get scared and kinda paniced bc I thought I ruined our One year Friendship, until I heard "Angel, I think I'm in love with you too.". Long story short, She made the first move and asked me out on a date and I asked her out 😊. I don't know who else I would want to spend One year of my life with. Thank you Haley.

Zamora bros at it wit Most Athletic and Best Rock Climber Award 😈

Happy National Gf day

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