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Stunning talented women looking beautiful. But aren't two fingers held up that way around an offensive gesture dating back to the 1400's conceived of as a "f you" specifically to FRENCH soldiers. Are they, in effect, flipping off the French press corps? No shade throwing just a legit question.

Back view #braidsformaids

Renaissance fair prep

ADR w @stephenmoyer for our film #thepartingglass

Only two of these were painted by my kids. Can you guess which ones?

I had a really strange dream last night in which I was kicked off a flight for having more than one pair of sunglasses in my carry on... I'm pretty sure that isn't a new rule maybe I only take one just to be safe...

And that's a wrap on #pkdelectricdreams !!! Huge thanks to the amazing #chicago crew! This has been so much fun!!!

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