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IM ANNA👋🏼🐔 MERCH COMING AT 20K  River Ranch|NBHA|Track&Field🏅 New York📍🇺🇸 🐴Bella @_bellacoen_ 🐴Tucker 🐴Kaden 🐓@rule.the.roost Stay Positive, Stay Strong, Stay badass -Anna Coen

Anna why are you worrying if you are going to be able to pay your bills at 14? Anna why are you worrying if you are gonna find your way home when you start driving at 14? Anna why are you worrying about what you are gonna be when you grow up at 14? Anna why are you worrying about how much money you wanna make at 14? Anna why are you worrying if your gonna die alone at 14? Anna why are you worrying if you wanna be cremated or buried at 14? Anna why the in the hell do you need to know the answers to ALL these questions at 14? -
So I can sleep at night, so I can focus on school work, so I can sit in a quiet room, so I can read a book and not have my mind going on to something els. The future scares me...it absolutely kills me. Kills me that other people can come home from school and can keep going but I’m absolutely exhausted because of my mind. It makes my heart race, makes me sweat, makes me clench up. It’s crazy how “thinking” can destroy you and makes you all you wanna do is sleep.
Thanks anxiety....I hate you.

Something I always hated was sleeping alone. Every night I mostly fall asleep with someone on face time with me, or I’m sleeping at a friends house vise versa. My hamster algernon runs on his wheel all night and can be loud and some people are mind blown how I can handle the noise. To be honest I love the company and knowing im not by my self. Kitty slept with me every night with his head under my chin. It’s been tough without him and having nothing to hold against me. I miss hearing his loud purr right in my ear and him always wanting to be right there. I miss you more than anything and I’m really struggling without you.

Comment a secret, or something you wanna get off ur chest, or something that’s bothering you or making you upset. Let’s help each other❤️

Posting my flaws because I’m NOT perfect lol. But yea....this is why you guys won’t see me in a jumper wring😂 life is tough when ur sister is a trainer😂 @emily_coen

Walking into school like

Happy 1 year for us being best friends. I’m so glad ur in my life I couldn’t of made it this far without you. Thank you for keeping up with me this past year....and your welcome for holding you back from fights in school. Still shocked we are in highschool and still on 2 legs lol. Ilysm and ty for all u do. U know me best.
And if we go through some ups and downs don’t worry....”we’ll figure it out”
❤️ #happy1year #mybitch

Anyone els horse do this?😂

Amazing edit by @that.sassy.sorrel
And this was her first time editing to. Tysm for this💖💕💖💝💞💘
Rate ur day on a scale from 1-10

New member to the family! 🎉
Meet my sisters new horse Polaris! Can’t wait to to meet him!
Follow her and her horses journey together!! > @emily_coen

Love this company sm!
Use my discount code CHICKEN for 10% off
Do you like chickens?🤨🐔

I still have hope you are going to come home....if not I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me. It’s been tough sleeping alone and no tail to wipe my tears on...😅❤️ Please come home Kitty if you are still out there....I’m not ready to go on without you.😪💘

A little course I did with Bella last week. -

This week is Good Digital Citizen week!! If y’all haven’t seen my recent YT vid go check the link in my bio‼️
I’m here to remind YOU are enough. Don’t give up on yourself because of a bad chapter in your life. It’s NOT a bad story! Every day isn’t supposed to be good. Remember that. Life tests us and pushes us down so we get back up. I don’t want any of you to think you not being on this earth is going to make it better. You guys don’t clearly realize how much u guys mean to me. I notice all of you. Without you guys It will be so much harder for me. Keep pushing. Y’all mean the WORLD to me. Im not saying that bc I have a lot of followers....I’m trying to tell you guys you keep me going.
I love you!💖💕💘💖💓💞💝

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