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This still doesn't even feel real to me.... I can't believe she's gone. Last night a very good old friend of mine passed away from a fatal athsma attack. Jessica truly deserved so much better than this. She deserved to live a long & happy life. 😭😭😭 Jessica was such a truly kind hearted and loving person. I'll never forget all of the great memories we had made. She will never be forgotten. 💔😭😭😭 This photo is from back when we were close friends. We were only 18 years old.... She was supposed to have her whole life ahead of her.....never would of imagined she would be gone only a few years later.....💔💔💔

Huge thanks to Nathan Rohrbacher at Taylor Street Tattoo for my amazing new ink! Definitely more than worth it to go out to Chicago since he moved!
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I feel like this pic should be part of a meme.😂
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Just found out my cat, Magic, has feline leukemia. 😭😭💔 All thoughts & prayers will be appreciated.


My indoor cat, Magic got out last night. 😭 If anyone has seen her please let me know and try to get her to come to you/catch her for me if you can. Shes a really small cat. Her collar is pink & it has a tag with my number and address on it.