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  ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ AUSTRALIA TOUR ❄️💉❄️💉🐇💉❄️💉❄️

AUSTRALIA. i am coming for you

Melbourne - June 17 - Corner Hotel
Sydney - June 19 - Oxford Art Factory
Hobart - June 23 - Dark Mofo
I’ll be bringing new music to my shows in Australia. and a new video soon..
link in bio for tickets!!

SNOWBLOOD tour us and canada has come to a close 🖤🖤🖤 thank you so much to everyone that came out and danced and got emotional with me 🖤🖤this was my first tour as just alice glass and it meant so much to me 🖤🖤 big thanks to @zolajesus @_pictureplane_ @drmcrshr for being amazing on stage my band @jupiter_keyes & @jessbowen, @drew_chaffee , my label @lomavistarecordings , WME
and all the fans that came out and supported me including @fetus_fatale @witch_alice_88 @wrath_of_alice 🖤🖤 photos by : @adelaloconte and @leroe24fotos

i had a great time in nyc. played a show with my friends and then went to the box and met the incredibly glamorous @amandalepore 🥀🖤

this is the cutest thing ever 💜💜💜thank you! ps i did win again in court. im never going to give up and neither should you !

we’re out here with the trash 🖤@wvilesanchez @mzcamilamontoya

I’m playing Public Arts in NY tomorrow and @drmcrshr has been added to the show !! they go on at 8pm! @_pictureplane_ at 8:40 and i’m after that. get there early. also check out Dreamcrusher’s incredible new remix of White Lies (link in bio)

channeling Harley Quinn in brooklyn last night. im at Public Arts in NY on the 17th
in my favorite @killyourgod shirt
📷: @utopiaoroblivion

TORONTO TONIGHT 🖤 at the mod club theater 🖤 with @_pictureplane_ . 📸: @_brandonartis

thank you so much @nowtoronto 🖤i used to read this magizine every week when i was a teenager this means so much to me 🖤 TONIGHT I PLAY CHICAGO FRIDAY MY HOMETOWN TORONTO 🖤🇨🇦🇨🇦 📸 @lucasdavidphoto

REMIX RECORD IS NOW ON SPOTIFY and ITUNES 🦇🦇🦇 tracklist : Side A :
1. Without Love (Mija Remix)
2. Natural Selection (Ghostemane Remix)
3. Blood Oath (King Yosef Remix)
4. The Altar (Ruined by Yves Tumor)

Side B
5. White Lies (Pictureplane Remix)
6. Forgiveness (Paul White Remix)
7. Stillbirth (Zola Jesus Remix)
8. Without Love (Chelsea Wolfe Remix)

from the Rickshaw in Vancouver.
I’m playing SALT LAKE CITY tonight. BOULDER, CO tomorrow and OMAHA, NE after that. link to tickets in bio
📷: Kirk Chantraine

Snowblood tour has been incredible🐇🥀 we’re in Vancouver tonight. then to Salt Lake City UT, Boulder CO, Omaha NE.. 💉
tour backdrop design by @lynchcassidy

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