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Allie  I'm not sure where I'm going or who I am but I'm determined to make something of myself someday 🤘🏻

when you wanna smile but your mouth has other plans // i literally got a root canal that morning and my mouth was numb for about 10 hours. only reason i'm posting this is bc i look decent and the last time i applied makeup to my face was on march 17th & who knows when that's gonna happen again 🤷🏼‍♀️

this right here is my best friend. she drives me absolutely insane sometimes but i wouldn't trade that for anything. she makes me laugh like no other & i can honestly say i didn't understand what love truly was until she was brought into my life. our lives are complicated and sometimes we spend a lot of time apart, but nothing will ever change how much this little girl has my heart. she's growing up so fast & im scared to death. but i will always be here for her, through it all.
i love you so much ya lil shit. best friends forever💖

i've been so tired the last few weeks. i've been stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed. i feel like i'm in a hole that just keeps getting deeper. i don't know what i want, and i don't know who i am. i always felt like the older i'd get the more i'd know but that's not true. i've never felt so lost & confused. i'm determined to change my perspective but no motivation. idk man i just don't know

My best friend is cuter than yours 🦄

throw back to before i dyed my hair blonde & rainbow🤘🏻 can't wait start that process all over again 🙄 #imsuchanidiot

Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful souls to have ever walked this earth ❤️

my best friend. happy valentine's day ❤️

so we all obviously know that today is one of the most hated/loved "holidays" of the year. to be honest with you, the only reason i wasn't a bitter bitch on valentine's day was because i had great friends (u know who u r) at the time to celebrate the love with. we did stupid things like buy really cheesy cards & draw dicks all over them with dumb inspirational messages for each other. we bought candy & junk food and ate until our teeth hurt & our bellies ached while watching rom-com movies & having super unreal expectations about what love really was & we'd boast about how excited we were to find a love like Danny & Sandy or Kurt & Courtney.
we were so happy with each other in those moments, having a significant other to celebrate literally just another day with didn't matter. valentine's day in my opinion, shouldn't just be about how much you love your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend; but how much you love the people in your life that make you smile on a daily basis. the people that listen to you when you're angry, or sad. the people who know what to do or say to cheer you up on a rainy day, the people who know exactly just what to say to piss you off & make you go completely psycho. the people who have, and always will be there for you. appreciate & love them while you can because sometimes they're gone in a blink of an eye.
and if for some reason you can't think of one person that makes you feel any of those emotions, then relax. take a deep breath. it's just another tuesday, and tomorrow is just around the corner.

haven't used an ounce of makeup on my skin in two weeks & im extremely pleased to have winged my eyeliner perfectly (without tape) since i usually do such a shitty job. it's the small things, people. #yayme

i miss this house, i miss my patio, i miss this big fluffy baby, i miss everything about last year 💔

I dyed my hair again oops.

"sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too." #SoFloSunset #skyporn #SeriouslyNoFilter

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