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💕 tips 💕  ! Tiffany - drama {off} ! Tessa - stress {off} ♡ We help with any problems or issues you are going through ♡ Make sure to comment questions


•when parents yell at you, you have to listen! Don't argue or it will only make It worse! ~

That's pretty much all! Just agree and do! -drama

•step 1:cry at home! If your going to cry at school, don't attract tension because then you will have a less chance if getting him back! ~ •step 2: don't try to get him back with going up to him and asking. You
Don't want him to think that he has the control. ~ •step 3:try your hardest to be happy and to be as beautiful as you can! But don't try to make him jelous! ~ •step 3: keep your head up! Confident wins the game! ~ •if any of these steps didn't work, then he is a looser! He was a looser giving you up in the first place! Oh and don't let your friends hurt him. It doesn't end well!

•step 1:the first and major thing that you NEED to do is just ignore it! People want to see you cry and get hurt! If they see you not caring that they are talking bad about you... They won't do it!! ~
•step 2:they still talk bad about you after step 1, then confront them! It will shock them and they won't know what to do! ~
if this doesn't work... Comment what they reacted and I will help you! ~
If this did help then comment "🎉"

Now school can cause hate, tears, bullying, and life ending consequences. The best way to get through those sevens hours of pain is thinking. Just think to yourself what your future is going to be. Your education and your relationships. And also you always have your friends to help you through the day. ☼ - #stress

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