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Quetin Daniel Puscat  "The last of a dying breed" Stay loyal to your creed Be proud of where you came from and stay fly 2nd acct: @malikimaballs

Had no idea what happened yesterday night but this 3days and 2 nights had been a fun one. To those who actually came for the party i really appreciate the love and to those who is at the party and had to see what happened i am sorry bro, i weak HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

21 years of age and bless to have you in my life.

I am just excited for everything that is coming up and everything that is gonna happen next.

Club street drive.

How many times my potential was anonymous?
How many times the city making me promises?

Just keep swimming

Day 1

The need to be great,turns into an obsession and keep you up late.

I hope for the best, I taste the peace and pray it never leave my tongue.

Last night was awesome! Here is to wealth and growth for all of us. 8 long years with you guys have been a bless one.


Here is to the 5 months of internship at luge! I would like to thank my supervisor, In charge and most of the staff there that have been guiding me throughout this 5 months. Will definitely remember all the BS that happen at work whether is a good one or bad one. To be honest this place have help me to grow personally. Make a lot of new friends and met a lot of interesting guest but all and all this experience will never be forgotten.

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