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>:€  "There is no space or time only intensity, and tame things have no immensity." - Mina Loy

The darkest part is always knocking. Even surrounded in mystery and awe, you can't help but slip your finger to reach and maybe touch..to keep feeding... and feeding, and feeding.

acrylic, sharpie, watercolor on 8x10


Stranger Things: A perspective into architecture.

8x10 Acrylic, Watercolor, and Pencil on paper

Una experiencia maravillosa!
Noche de Cine: Musica de Mexico
Casi se salto mi corazon cuando salio el conductor, Gustavo Dudamel <3

Aunque la presentacion de principo a fin fue inolvidable, cuando enseñaron y la orquesta comenzo a tocar "La Malagueña" de la pelicula Enamorada, en este momento la experiencia complete toco el fondo de mi corazon, y yo se que no fue la unica, entre la cancion se pudo oir la audencia llorando en silencio.

Es un orgullo tener estas experiencias en Los Angeles, aunque la mayoria de mi familia vive en la tirra natal, en cancion y celebracion de cultura me siento un poco mas cerca de ustedes.


Keeping your eyes on your prize among the rubble, ashes, remnants, and monsters.

Acrylic and pencil on paper 8x10

"I don't know why you always have to be judging me because I only believe in science." - Esqueleto, Nacho Libre


Attempted to see the VR exhibit: CARNE Y ARENA... however the theme of the week is: " You didn't make a reservation.... "
Womp, womp.
See you this winter Iñarritu!


Instead of turning the car around as I turned the corner, I followed the blue light and walked right in to embrace the bar, the weights, the floor, and my sweat.
I missed you soooo much, I'm holding on to you as long as I can AND I'm appreciating you tenfold in this second round of us. CFGH & Me.


Birth and Death of a Rose
Artist: Rosa Navarro (Colombia)
" Change your perspective. Look through the perception of beauty, grace, and fragility of a Rose."


Antonia Eiriz (1929-1995)
Figuras. .
"Don't be scared, they're just cries of despair."

"I am pleased enough with surfaces- in fact they alone seem to be of much importance." The simple moments shared with my friends, laughter, the sun in our face, plunging into The Narrows, seeing fundamentalist Mormons outside of a book, the hugs, the tears, the fear and adventure.

Each of them gave Utah zest and made it absolutely memorable!

"There is no Space or Time only intensity, And tame things have no immensity." -Mina Loy

The best night in Utah has been in this campground! Rewind eight hours to the three of us standing in the middle of a meadow, looking straight up into the Milky Way, the stars unlike I've ever seen them in my life. Close, clear, big, and bright. As we stood in the meadow balancing a set of binoculars on Vanessa's head to see in space beyond what our naked eye can see, we hear a shriek, a sound of a child screaming. Turns out, it was an Elk bellowing. In this moment of fear and awe, brewed the perfect tear of happiness. This is what life is about, enjoying the slices. Even if the sound of Elk surrounding you in the dark, sound like children screaming.

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