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My granddads da bæ😍😍

Tbh, you guys r the best team ever!! ❤️❤️

Do the same👇👇

Live, Laugh, Love.

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into your enemies eyes! -

1. Jorgie
2. Blue
3. strawberry blond
4. I love wifi
5. neon pink
6. Disneyland
7. @arianagrande 😘😘😘
8. Puppies 😍
9. Break free by @arianagrande
10. Haha I don't read.
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Hey guys!
Last night I was practicing a jump we do in gym and a fell back and broke my arm!
I was at the after hours till 11:00 last night.
And I'm so sad cuz u can't copeatet at nationals 😭😭


Always remember that there's always someone that loves you. You may not have met them yet but you'll find someone eventually 😘

Tag your bæ 👇👇👇

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