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My heart is broken into a million little pieces. I will miss you all my days, my best friend, my little baby. 15 years, it's hard to remember a time without hearing your little feet scurrying around. I love you boy. This void is crazy real. Rest In Peace Shaggy ❤️👼🏽


A weirdo but i'm real though #nightnight

Some days I scream to Janis Joplin songs, other days I twerk to migos. It really all depends.

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Give Spontaneity a try. Often you'll discover the most beautiful things.

We won't live forever, you know. I need adventure.

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I could never be sinister towards the celebration of love ❤️ What a marvelous thing. I hope we all find it one day.

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Love this cut by @vincenzo_stylist on @__tinamariex3 😍✂️ | #thecutlife #NYCstylist #boblife #curls #shorthair
Finally took the leap and started over with my curls 🌀 I've always loved them but never gave them the chance to truly flourish. Once a week it'd be straight to the flat iron, which caused severe heat damage and breakage. I figured it was time to let go of all the dead ends, baggage, & weight I was holding in my hair. I couldn't be happier with my cut. Going to try my hardest to stay away from ALL heat and let the fro go ✊🏽 #curlyhair #curlygirl

Cut off your hair, cut off that fuckboy, come correct .

There's a storm brewing, can you hear it? 🌬

Channel the energy that lives inside you. We all have it. Sometimes it takes being at our lowest point to realize it. We've all felt broken, but even the most grievous of wounds can be healed. I know.

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Zap ⚡️

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