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Back in Malmö on October 21st at Plan B
Top Right Corner Photo: @funkvantan

Coming up 🇬🇧

Coney Island music Festival on August 4 in New York. Free.

The next European tour starts in October.
More touring to be announced this year 🌎
Photo: @funkvantan

The next European tour starts on October 21. Tickets are available now.

Mirror Might Steal Your Charm
“Stylish Spit”

Take my boots off trying to relax
Always in my core
I'm a derelict
What will I do if I come across this man
He's a threat now
need to always watch our backs
One light on in an empty drive way
Footsteps cautious
in case he comes our way
Controlling our life
more than I'll admit
If the time comes, will I commit
Pisses me off how life can run away
Comb knife in pocket every damn day
Try to be tough
but that never works
Keep watching window
he's always in the lurks
Close in Distance we will never get away
Time to make a move, for a better day
As for now this is all I'm gonna say
Story gets colder as clouds turn gray

Photo: @alexkiander

5:15 today in El Paso at Neon Desert Festival

Playing Neon Desert Festival tomorrow in El Paso, TX

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