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When there’s still fries left on your plate but the waiter takes it away

They say an elephant never forgets, what they don’t tell you is, you never forget an elephant 🐘

Like leaves in autumn I fall for you 🍂

‘cuz honey your soul can never grow old, it's evergreen

I looked into your eyes and knew, the fire that warms can also destroy.

5’4, so I guess you can say I’m down to Earth.

Sending my selfie to NASA cuz I am a star 🌚✨

He told me to take a hike so I did. Bye. (Swipe left)

Me: “I’m not gonna do anything for my birthday”
Also me: Somehow ends up strolling around downtown holding giant fancy birthday balloons, with an assistant holding her bags, getting photographed ——————————————————————-
Thankful to have friends in my life that hype me up and are way more excited for my birthday than I am 😭❤️ ——————————————————————-Guess how old I turned this year?
No, not 21. Haha

“Ciao,” said the girl who cannot decide between ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’

Grace comes from spine and not from dainty hands

Let me disarm you
I'm not trying to own you
I just want to know what it feels like
To have your body so close
Let me absolve you
Of the past that controls you
I just want to know what you look like
Without a weight on your soul
I know somewhere we could get away
If you want to find another place, like
Disappear and never leave a trace
I'll take you anywhere you want
So let me disarm you
There's an army I'm finding around your heart
Let me disarm you
'Cause baby I just want to love who you really are

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