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ada chan 小梅  🇭🇰🇹🇭🌳📜💘 half blues son diggin roots & makin cheap arts in Koh Chang, Thailand

journey through the past #ayutthaya

good to have a big mirror in the hotel room #31weekspregnant

waking up to a pond of water lillies shining pink and gold

lotts of sweetest pineapples down here on the island #goodtypetuesday

preparing one of our favourite green power #watermimosa. A common vegetable in Thailand, eaten raw with chilli paste or stir fried, good source of calcium, protein and vitamin c. in awe of this fiery man for cooking in the sun and sweating by the stove everyday for everyones 💓 #ผักกระเฉด #neptuniaoleracea

temple walk with my lovely family last week: 'oh jesus i love you and i love buddha too'

reading stories on the wall painted more than two hundreds years ago 🖤✨

murals in the temple of the reclining buddha 🖤✨ #watpho

family portraits 💕💕💕

met this gentle giant in the woods

looke for bananas

happieo under the plumeria tree

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