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McKenzie  I like 🍥anime🍥manga🍥pokemon🍥techno🍥Vocaloids🍥And of course pikachu! If you think I'm weird or don't like me well guess what, idgaf!i followback!

New score :D

I know Tisnt Christmas, way past it but I drew Jingle :D I'll color it soon #acnl #jingle

Walking home in this

My dog standing over the vent to keep warm, so adorable X3

My phone is about to go airborne because of this game

Had this in my phone for a while, finally decided to post it. Tis me peoplz X3

Obsessed with skiddo :D <3

Also these ones 😊

My sister got me these earrings, I love them sooooo much X3

When I saw this I just had to get it, anime skin pack for nyan cat

Quick doodles, I just can't get on task with my homework DX

Just useless

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