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New Hampshire

Heart filled with love today

“He sits on a bench and writes all day.” She gasped, “All day?”

New England Mood Board/TBT to LA: missing it but happy to be in a house right now
1st picture by @zamarvelez


Was supposed to go on my finsta but oh well

Charging 1,000,000$ for access to my finsta. Sample read “Lonely in a way that can only be characterized as avoiding self preservation and self actualization.” Eat your heart out.

I love them! Shot by: @hhobbess

Short film coming out next week with a bunch of people I care about either in it or supporting it @chloefeller @irissmith @__madre_cobra_____ _cobra_____ @huntertaylormartinez EDIT: @_jsunday will also be featured and the beautiful @hairrysun hold on to your seats y'all we got some beautiful people coming together.

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