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Hey my name’s Brock & this is my girl Rosalina.

Andrew called, he needs his lacrosse highlight reel edited NOW!!

New England Mood Board/TBT to LA: missing it but happy to be in a house right now
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This is me in the dingy Massachusetts lighting with stress pimples. My entire life I’ve normalized hating my body in order to make other people feel comfortable. I recently came home and found the journals I hid in my attic asking god to make me a boy. It was hard to read and even harder to realize how much I’ve had to hurt myself in order to come to this point. But, right now I’m coming out of some of the pain and shame (at least I hope) and look forward to moving on one day and living a normal life. A month ago I told someone that I was hopeless and that nothing I did felt like it was for me. Well, I’m going on testosterone in June and am happy to say that I’m beginning this process by listening to my body and welcoming the social consequences. If my New England parents can support my weird ass so can u. This concludes the most honest thing I’ve ever written on the internet. 🦇🔥

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Movies without faces: September 2017


Was supposed to go on my finsta but oh well

Warning v depressing (death, murder): In 2007 when I was in grade school someone who I was close friends with was murdered by their father. She was 9, her name was Sarah Benoit, she died March 22nd. Every year I always do something that day to commemorate her loss and it’s usually the worst week of the year for me. Her father was a case in which everyone knew something wasn’t quite right? About him? And I remember people talking about it. But no one did anything. That seems to be a trend right now (and has been always), of violent men claiming the lives of others. I don’t know the solution (to the root of the issue) and don’t think anyone does. But, I wish everyone reading this who has experienced trauma at the hands of a man a peaceful year. It breaks my heart that gun control is so hotly contested. Sarah was not killed by a gun, but reports show that her father intimidated her mother from leaving him with the use of a hand gun. :( agh, even though this is incredibly sad I try to bring up Sarah every March. Life isn’t fair, and it’s hard to look at the brutality of it all sometimes, but she was a good friend and a person worth remembering. Sounds stupid but if you are in the practicing of praying shout her out sometime, Sarah Benoit.

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