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Patrick  Hebrews 9:12 Today I expose my town of #Exeter California for its pedophile ring and prostitution ring. From cops to parents three doors down


Don't need to say a word.

I'll leave this here she's usually on backpage asking what your fantasy is. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings but if your not making money right then your hurting not just yourself but your kids. If your family is split and you live a double life and you hurt your kids feelings and abuse them mentally your ass needs a wake up call. Sorry brother I'm in the same boat.

To my close proximity neighbors keep your heads up. Private message my main page and ANYTHING I can help you with let ME know. #Onelove brothers and sisters.

@schwarzenegger ๐Ÿ‘

@schwarzenegger a fag you rood? The fuck is your and Jerry browns problem. You stupid racist fucks hating on gays coloreds and to make it better you what try to lead people. Your a piece of shit. The thing you pump is your wife who is a disgrace to her father's legacy. I Riggywreckon you pompous Nazi fuck!! #PUNK #UberCaliforniaAlly #deadkennedys #Misfit #WhereEaglesDare #RideSalleyRide

@tessholliday let's not forget you and how you were on back page and how your a feminist. This #DiamondDogg won't ever fuck with that type of cat. Good luck promoting the bullshit #ONELOVE

@daphnejoy let's talk about how you always go to these huge ass funktions and how you work at McDonald's. The fuck you playing between you and your band of bitchfits tweaking out all the time I'm rather done making you think your cute. It's funny how you can hoe Out on back page sell your ass for a ball of Meth and still be able to make your kid happy. Your scum girl.

This guy lived in #Apartment9 he killed his young baby girl. Sophia Acosta. This is the sick fuck Who abused you like the people in town that have no problem selling their kids. Holding their girlfriends for hostage. He drugged her beat her and sexually abused her. This is not the only case in my town. A gentleman at Visalia's Costco today paid a guy to let him watch his daughter in the men's room use the bathroom and North Carolina has an issue with what transgender people using the bathroom? The fuck at least these blue collar Americans are not paying to watch kids.

Too much beef is making me want to go #vegan. Also as I sit here hearing moonlight sonata play I am thinking about how fucked up this apartment complex is. @mileycyrus I dedicate that to you. Also I had to eat sorry for lagging here.

Cameron what's up with it..

@majorlazer #lightitup this is for my siblings. The abuse and bullshit we go through. Who the fuck am I? I'm pretty sure I have a few fake names that even I don't know about.

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