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Megan Nordle  I had too much to DREAM last night. 🌔🌕🌖Skater•Dancer•Educator•Choreographer•Performer Owner of OTT Apparel @overthetops 🍃NotAllThoseWhoWanderAreLost🍃


I am #celebrating my #newyork #birthday! .
4 years ago, I became a full time #NYC resident. I remember taking the Chinatown bus back and forth from Boston to NYC every single week for 6 straight months while I taught back home in New England during the week, and danced for 3 different companies in NYC on the weekends. .
When I moved here, I lived in the basement of an apartment in Crown Heights #Brooklyn (before it was 'cool') with 5 other people. For the first 4 months, I slept on a futon and brought my belongings one suitcase at a time into the city. I worked for #Nespresso and would sneak out or use my lunch breaks to go to auditions. I lived on $400 a week and had an hour commute on the subway into #Manhattan. .
Since then, I've performed at Lincoln Center 3 times, shot 4 music videos and starred in a dance film that will be featured in 6 week exhibit at an art gallery this summer, skated for a multi-million dollar production for a worldwide company, choreographed a musical, managed over 50 clients on the ice singlehandedly, directed and performed in a world premier of my own #choreography with a #dance company that I founded with my two best friends, launched an apparel company, fallen in love, had my heart broken, met some absolutely #incredible people who have helped me become the person I am today (by the way, the person I am today currently weighs 20lbs less than she did on Jan 1 of this year) ... .
This city has been a place of extremes- extreme highs and extreme lows- and most of the time I'm scared shitless. But the reward is a state of gratitude and awe that I never anticipated, even as a young girl #dreaming of being a New Yorker someday. 'Someday' is right now and, even though my feet are pretty tired and have stumbled along the way, I couldn't be more thankful for where they currently stand. If you're fearful about taking the first step towards the direction of your dreams, remember that the things we are most afraid of doing will be the very things we are most thankful we did, and just go. The world is waiting for you! #whenyougetthererememberwhereyoucamefrom #proudnewyorker #ilovenewyork #thankyounewyork #gratitude

What can I say about my mother that the world doesn't already know?... Anyone who knows her knows she is unfathomably creative and capable- she doesn't just dream, she makes dreams a reality. Her intelligence is only ever masked (for moments at a time) by her wit- she has a power about her way of communicating that is both intimidating in its eloquence and comforting in its relativity. She is beautiful in more ways than one, makes other people feel beautiful, and views life in such a beautiful way that it helps other see it that way too.
The truth is, I strive every day to be like her; most days, I'm paralyzingly scared that I will never be. She has something about her- a 'make it happen' attitude, that she passed on to me in a very serious way. But how can anyone be like her??... I try- it's a work in progress to say the least.

But: the thing that makes me the most proud to be the only daughter of Teri Nordle is that her inspiration and awesomeness touches many, but I am the only woman who is made up of her in the world... which means I'll never stop striving to be the best version of myself, because that's who she is and what she does, too. Every day she reminds me that, as long as I'm being honest and forthright, genuine and humble, considerate, driven, and passionate, I can do anything, especially when I'm scared. Every day in my life is Mothers Day- she is the thing I celebrate having in my life on a daily basis.
Thank you Mummy for being my best friend. I've needed you in more ways as an adult than I think I needed you as a dependent. You gave me so much growing up, it made me hungry- you haven't quit giving, supporting, comforting, and inspiring me since, and I haven't quit being hungry for more. Being like you is an unobtainable goal, but I wouldn't want it any other way- being half as good as you would be a huge success.
I love you, love you, always and all ways. Thanks for making me Me. 💛sp
#happymothersday to the most powerful, creative, intelligent, driven, and genuinely compassionate woman I know.
I hope I can be half as good as you someday.

Wishing it was #sunny and I was standing on a #rooftop with @courtneygreteman taking #selfies. .
Until we meet again Mr. Golden Sun and Miss Greteman, I'll be here waiting for your return!!

PREVIEW A CLIP FROM •|PART 3|• {Dis:taste} \\"Chicken Francese"// for @opencategorydanceco
Food Aversion is a psychological repulsion to some foods caused by emotions associated with the food, rather than by any chemical properties within the food. Unlike allergies or food intolerance, if the offending food is unrecognizable, no adverse reaction results. #opencategorydanceco #dancer #original #originalartwork #premiere #choreography #choreographer #nyc #artist

•|PART 3|• {Dis:taste} \\"Chicken Francese"// for @opencategorydanceco
Food aversions have been classified into four types: dangerous, inappropriate, disgusting, or {Dis:Taste}ful.
Probably the most studied is the fourth and final category: distasteful foods. Many members of the distasteful food category are illness-induced food aversions: something is consumed, consumption results in a harmful reaction, repeat consumption is avoided at all costs.
#dancer #opencategorydanceco #artist #artfullife #dance #dancer #dancecompany #consumption #avoidance #youarewhatyoueat #choreographer #choreography #nyc

•|PART 3|• {Dis:taste} \\"Chicken Francese"// for @opencategorydanceco .
Conditioned Taste Aversion is a robust neurological defense mechanism, protecting against the repeated consumption of toxic things. It is characterized by the ability to learn to avoid certain substances by their sight, smell, or taste after experiencing an unpleasant or harmful reaction. #consumption #insatiability #distaste #toxic #defense #taste #chickenfrancesealldayeveryday #dancer #performer #visceralstorytelling #art #dancecompany #nyc

Found this in the street... .
Putting in some extra effort to 'support' and 'uphold' the whole 'be art' thing... 💪🏼 #youseewhatididthere #beart #alldayeveryday #supportiveartist #monkeybusiness #happyhumpday #igotyougirl

|PART 2|{Dis:taste}\\"Hard To Digest"//
Life, and our quality of life, is directly influenced by the act of consumption. Not just of food, but of people, places, things, and ideas too. What we feed our 'self', how we feed our 'self', and the amount we feed our 'self', has long lasting effects. Be careful what you put inside you, or what you consume may start to consume you.

|PART 2| {Dis:taste} \\"Hard To Digest"// Life, and our quality of life, is centered around the act of consumption. Not just of food, but of people, places, things, and ideas too. What we feed our 'self', how we feed our 'self', and the amount we feed our 'self', has long lasting effects. Be careful what you put inside you, or what you consume may start to consume you. @opencategorydanceco #theresamessinthekitchen #gutwrenching #consumption #indigestion #opencategorydanceco #dancer #dancecompany #art #performance #nyc #philly @rawartistsphilly @rawartists

#Belated #birthday #celebrations with these two #beauties last night! (since my day of birth falls on the week with the highest statistical probability of a nor'easter, halting travel from far away places)... It all happened exactly as it was supposed to. •. •. •. •. •. • .
The past 4 months have been absolutely #lifechanging - the lowest lows, the highest highs, and nothing in between; just extremes... the last time I saw these two, I didn't own and operate an apparel company- it was just an idea. I hadn't danced in over a year, never mind actively building a dance company. I weighed 15lbs more than I do right now, I wasn't creating art, I didn't have solid goals or dreams, I couldn't recognize my own strength and potential... but they could. And now it's a new year, a new age bracket, a new woman, and I am so grateful to be smiling so genuinely with two genuinely beautiful people who helped me get there.
@missshareerose the first time I saw you since #college was unexpected, but entirely what I needed at that very moment and you deeply impacted me. Last night you did it again. #Clubs and #drinks and #dancing is super #fun with you, but I am so thankful for the #beautiful mind inside that #pretty head... I can't wait to collaborate and build and #learn from you. #bossladies #businessjerkstuff
@courtneygreteman there's nothing I can write on some instagram post that will state anything remotely accurate to the joy I experience of having you as my best friend but I think this is the gist: I'm late. You're grumpy. I take the best pictures because I'm like, artsy. I laugh. You #laugh. Grumps-be-gone. #Love. Always and all ways. (And ☕️and 🥓somewhere in there too) thank you for being the best birthday present I've ever gotten.

#gameofthrones feels on #Saturdaynight. (I do not watch Game of Thrones and have no idea what I'm talking about.)👸🏼#queen #nyc

♦️Boom, boom, ain't it great to be crazy♦️ #lifeisgood when you're with the best @courtneygreteman 💋 thanks for a killer night @rockandrawhide @selfiesnapshots @nicholasparkactor #craycray

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