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I'm sure this this is already a thing but if not, it is now. Kinda fell into it in my morning play time today. Really nice stretch on the glute and with a lil shift you can feel it nice an juicy in the QL🤤
Bound one legged forward fold.... Asanaologists, I could use your help with this one.🤔

What is your yoga? Having been recently disheartened by 'traditional western' yoga (again), I was ReMinded that #yoga is: simple. It's movement guided by your breath. Anything that helps you drop in. Breathe deeper. More deliberately. Makes you more present in the moment. Just move. Find your yoga in running, lifting, jumping rope, dancing... anything.
Just breathe, and move. 🌬

Who says #furnituresliders are for moving furniture? Typically work core with these but been working posterior chain a bit more lately. Demoing a few of my favorite variations with varying levels of difficulty. $8 at your local hardware store. You will feel these. Promise. #fit #DoYouWell⚡️

#arizona , you get me.

Kitchen banquette nook moves were made this last weekend. Here's what happens when you hang with your super rad parents for 28hrs. Removable cushions with storage underneath. Pending pillows and wall art to be delivered and created soon. ⚡️#dostuff #renovation #scottsdale⚡️

#tbt jaguar rain forest — #Belize . #takemeback

Top of the world feels. Who says #phoenix #arizona isn't green? 🌵🍃💚

For those of you who care about moon phases... this is kind of a big one. Celebrated by creating this, my newest sacred mandala. 🌑Happy New Moon you beautiful souls. 🌑
Now would be a good time to identify a few intentions; give them tangible life by identifying them on paper.
#love #light #newmoon #mandala #sacredgeometry

Morning Moves.
Happy Weekend, peeps🌬✨💛
#love #light #feels

"The awakening man is not externally derived. He is authentically sourced. He does not compare himself to others. He does not adapt his personality to the dictates of the crowd. He stands in his own centre, respectful of others but not defined by them. He works diligently to liberate his consciousness from the egoic ties that bind. He has become his own benchmark, valuing authenticity over image. He is the sculptor of his own reality. The awakening man courageously works on his emotional processes. He clears his emotional debris and sheds his armour. He faces his issues and unconscious patterns heart on. He learns and speaks the language of the heart. The awakening man seeks wholeness. He is not satisfied with a fragmented way of being. He has no attachment to archaic, linear notions of masculinity. He seeks a sacred balance between the healthy masculine and the healthy feminine. The awakening man prioritizes conscious relationship. He values authentic co-creation. He honours relationship as spiritual practice. He seeks physical intimacy that is deeply vulnerable and heartfully connective. He is attuned, engaged and healthily boundaried. When relational challenges arise, he courageously works through any obstructions to intimacy. He stands in the heartfire. The awakening man is a warrior of the heart. He has taken his clarifying sword inward, cutting away everything that is not compassionate. He moves from love and compassion. The awakening man has reverence for Mother Earth. He has reverence for animals. He never imagines himself superior or distinct from the natural world. He understands the interconnected and interdependent nature of reality." -Jeff Brown

I went out there alone; with plans to get naked, howl at the moon, release, breathe deeply and dance...
Instead, I was stripped bare by the light of the cosmos and presence of Mother Earth & Father God. The gushing river released the last of my irrelevant shadows while the fire renewed my soul's passion and purpose. The wild creatures of the night serenaded me and my breath carried me off to blissful rest. ...And in the morning, I danced.

Happy hump day from the valley of the sun.

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