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Icønic🍁🦇🌻  10•1•17😘🔐❤ JG Søccer

They LOVE me, then they HATE me, then they LOVE me again.


Happy Sweetest day babe.🍬❤❤❤🍬

🍂🍁I had a blast with you. More memories made today. I love you babe🍁🍂

Happy one year. I love you Lateef

Never did I think anyone has great as you would call in my life. Or stay in my life but you did. You challenged me and made me work harder and most important. You cared for me. You knew every little thing about me. From the color of my ugly brown eyes which you think are so beautiful to my favorite D.C. Character. You treat me like a queen. Even when I act like a baby. Not one day has gone by where I don't feel loved. HAPPY 1 YEAR LATEEF. I know were gonna have a ton more years together. It's been a year of tears ,laughter, arguments, joy, and a whole lotta love. Can wait to make more memories(can't wait to take more of your clothes)I have a lot more to say but I don't think there is enough space on Instagram for me to write all that. It' would be like reading a book.
I found my best friend. Ive made a goof of myself plenty of times and you still love me.You watch my back and I'll watch yours. Forever and always.
I love you Lateef.

A night to remember💚💚💚💚💚

P Ø W E R F U L L Ø V E ✴


Ble§§ing and a cur§e 🌌✴

❤❤Mon Amour Tu As Mon Coeur. Tu M'as Tout Donné.❤❤

Always that 1 never that 2. ⚽️🥅

🌻🌼🤞🦋I win ,haha, you lose🤞🌼🌻🦋

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