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16 hours on a scaffolding, 4 days, one huge electrical feat, and a lot of “do you know you’re covered in glitter?” Thanks to @1izzieb for making this a reality. 💫 Merry Christmas ya’ll. 💫

We’ve been doing our own adventures for a year now in Asheville and it’s been great. But I can’t help but miss being able to just shoot a text to friends saying “HEY Dave and I are going to explore, wanna come?!” It’s hard to not take it personally, is there something wrong with us? Are we weird? (Trick answer, were super weird 🤷🏻‍♀️) but anyone else feeling this struggle out there, let me know we can go get some coffee or go for a hike cus we all deserve friends we can just call up randomly. 📸 @sarahbfotography

💫The start 💫

Had vegetarian bacon for the first time this morning & it may be the resolution to any and all that ails you, including hangovers and sheer exhaustion. 🥓

Thriving in my natural habitat. 🍁

Happy birthday to the best gal there is on this planet. I can’t imagine going through any days without you by my side. Thanks for gracing us with you’re bad ass self. Love you beyond words. 💕

Missing this porch, this smiley pup and sunshine today. 📸 @pushdavepush #filmisnotdead

Things that don’t make sense to me |road rage, women judging women, weeks that last for months|
Things that make sense to me
| random acts of kindness, flowers, yoga after a long day|
Florals with @staticeeventdesign on a day that made sense to me 💕

About to start 12 hour work days and thinking about all of the coffee I’ll become really good friends with. #prayforme #christmastimeishere

✨GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING YA’LL!! ✨The biggest shout out to @elijahmountain_official & @vesselonmain for getting me these babies at the best damn price I’ve ever seen, and for being the kindest of individuals in every way. If you ever need crystals don’t look anywhere else!! Can’t wait to showcase these babies in a special place shortly. 👻

❕Des fleurs pour ta tête ❔

I think I’ll move in now. 💀

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