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Malik. K.  You grow older, you grow up, you grow out of things. People and situations included, but most importantly, you G R O W. -Fresh Start- 1906. OZ

Hello Jersey 😈😈😈

Work files👮👮

Lord, when it's time to go inside,
That Place of steel and stone.
I pray that you will keep me safe,
So I won't walk alone.

Help me to do my duty,
Please watch me on my rounds.
Amongst those perilous places,
And slamming steel door sounds.

God, keep my fellow Officers
Well and free from harm.
Let them know I'll be there too,
Whenever there's alarm.

Above all when I walk my beat,
No matter where I roam.
Let me go back whence I came,
To family and home.

I took a leap of faith moving here in October. Now I finally have something to show for it. "Here's where the REAL work begins." Georgia Department of Corrections - Class T-86 - Bravo - D Squad

WE did it. 💪💪💪

I'm not a caption guru so yeah... Here's a pic of me.

Hamptons Triple Threat. 🔥

25. Let me tell you about 25. I had a blast in the Hamptons. I went out on a limb and just went not knowing if I was going to know anyone on the trip. It was so great to bring in the birthday this way. 25 was a great time to reset. I got rid of a stressful job. I got rid of stressful people. I'm getting rid of stress. I came with the intent to just enjoy myself for once. My life hasn't been great these last few months, and this gave me a break and a chance to be optimistic. So I jumped at the opportunity. I realized that at a quarter century I need to make ME happy. I need to do what makes ME money. I need to travel to give ME some culture. I need to be more selfish with myself. So for my 25th Birthday I'm giving myself ME. One of the , if not the greatest gifts I can give myself.

I love you, Me! Cheers to making another quarter century and growing as a man intellectually, spiritually, mentally, and physically.



Happy birthday to a real one.

Another one.
Oh yeah, this shit hurt. A lot.

He ain't want to take the pic lol but its been more than ten years since we last took one so I ain't give him a choice. My guy, My father. Love you old man.

Deuce x Dean x Ace Rock

5 years in the game. #Alphaversary

I thank Alpha for giving me the family I never had. 5 years is a milestone because I've grown up having friends that passed in less than five years that I've known them, friends that got booked in less than five years that I've known them. From Spring 12 to now, Alpha has given me a life long bond with my line brothers and jersey. Every other OZ line since us, I love y'all with everything I have.
Every other OZ line before us, thank you for making the brothers that I wanted to emulate at heart... Without y'all , I wouldn't have this moment.

P.S. Jackie, Tasha, & Bill this family message reaches y'all as well. ❤

To my other LBs : (in no order before y'all kill me lol) Ed, Jerry, Nigel,Brandon, Kwame, Chris, Che.

It's always love. SP12 forever y'all.

Moments like these will be etched in our memories forever.

~To new beginnings~