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Celise 🌻🌞  practicing self-awareness and acceptance. love yours. ✨ (nature photos taken on my iPhone) UConn Alumna C/o ‘18

Since Instagram tends to be used as the highlight reel of their users’ lives... here is a post on something I wouldn’t consider a “highlight” of mine. Ugh...my car broke down today. It sucks. Terribly. Especially when you’re having a pretty good day. It tested my patience and reached a new high of stress for me. As an individual who doesn’t enjoy waiting (I mean, who does?) and a person who favors immediate results, I was pushed to a mental limit. Everyday, I am still learning to be more gentle with myself. Everyday, I am more accepting of the things I cannot control (which is a ton LOL). Just felt like documenting this. These photos were taken by my sister while stranded. 🌞

I wish humans weren’t so distracted by unnecessary “things” (for a lack of a better word). We are so focused/emotionally invested on things that really don’t matter, but can’t use that same energy in our lives. Yes, I believe social media is a tool for human connection, for business, for coping, etc. But it is also filled with a lot of noise. I’ve decreased the amount of time i spend on social media because for me, it hasn’t been useful. I’ve been subjected to body dysmorphia, my anxiety has increased because I didn’t think I was moving in the same pace as the world, and many other things. When I’ve reduced the time I’ve spend on social media, I was able to read three books in three weeks, I’ve focused on doing things that have made me happy, got rid of materials that didn’t serve my happiness, etc... I always think about when I will die, when I’ll have to reflect on how I’ve spent my years, I don’t wanna regret wasting my precious time on social media. There is so much more to this world than the things we choose to worry about. ✨

the sounds of Nature are so peaceful.

slowly detaching from my fantasy self. ✨

just a human... being. ✨

living simply.

I’m overwhelmed by the amount of love I’ve received today. I can’t even begin to describe it. If you know me, you know I don’t like rain, but I couldn’t help but enjoy every second in it. I’m happy today. 🌞

You’re a flower who has grown through concrete. 🌞

Enjoyed some Italian ice from Rita’s moments ago. I’m content with how my day was spent. ✨


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