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Celise 🌻🌞  practicing self-awareness and acceptance. love yours. ✨ (nature photos taken on my iPhone) UConn Alumna C/o ‘18

So...I have a bucket list and I like checking things off of that list. Chopping my hair off was included. My hair was healthy. No damage. I just wanted a change. Also, I have exhausted so many hours on my thick, coarse hair (whether that be protective styles, washing it—which can take a couple hours, styling it, detangling it, etc). Stripping myself of something that people use to validate themselves and others so much was, in fact, LIBERATING. If you don’t like it...there is an extremely high chance that it was NOT done for you. 🌞

saw these lovely daisies on my morning walk today. One of their meanings, besides purity and simplicity, is “new beginnings.” I will gladly take this as a sign. ✨

Just your average 21-year old human, participating in your average autumn activities. 🌞


Your life is finite. Your days will cease. One day, you will be no more. Find a way to live a more memorable and interesting life by making little changes in your daily routine. 🌞


Y’know when you go through a series of “let-downs” by people, circumstances, or even time—it does a number on your emotions, your decisions, your mood, or the direction of your life. I reflect upon this past month in particular and how those circumstances has affected my attitude, my process of thinking, etc. to the point it was almost debilitating mentally. Going through not just one tribulation, but 4 or 5 consecutively, is exhausting. Even when One place’s a positive twist to the situation, it doesn’t make it less exhausting. Things are looking up finally, but getting here was far from easy. Everyday you change on a micro-scale (depending on your circumstances), everyday you grow just a little more (also a dependent on your circumstances) and everyday there is always another challenge to face. As long as you’re alive, every battle you face can and will be dealt with.

keeping myself grounded, humbled, and healthy. tending to this mind, body, and soul. recognizing the distinct differences between my human/egotistical desires from my mind & soul’s desires. seeking validation from other beings is slowly drifting away. ultimately, inner peace is what I long for. ✨

patiently waiting now...

sometimes, silence communicates what noise cannot.

Time for turtle necks, oversized plaid shirts, Chelsea boots, chlorophyll breakdown (process in which leaves change colors), trips to haunted houses/trails, bonfires, etc. 🍁


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