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Celise 🌻🌞  practicing self-awareness and acceptance. love yours. ✨ (nature photos taken on my iPhone) UConn Alumna C/o ‘18

Good times, good times...

You are more than your body. It’s great to be comfortable and grateful for your temporary home. But there is a lot more to you than what the eye can see. ✨ (I’ve taken this photo).

“Others are merely mirrors of you.” - Ancient Sanskrit

peaceeeeee. I need the peace.

Why would anyone want to destroy something so pure?

Sometimes...I think about how I have been involuntarily enrolled (full-time, I should add) into this “school” called Life by my parents. Now I’m subjected to find my little place in this big world, huge universe; I have to grow; I have to struggle; I have to do all sorts of things. I am grateful to have this opportunity to live. And I am grateful for the way I live... It’s just a passing thought. (My Mom took this photo. ❤️)

this puts things into perspective. ✨

Death is an interesting topic for me. It is something that I know I’ll eventually accept/undergo (because I kind of have to lol). I think about the amount of love and care I put into this body and I would have to part from her one day. I think about my precious, wonderful loved ones and how I know that I’ll lose them one day. Though, what interests me the most are the emotions/feelings that emerge from the living once they have lost a loved one. They (the living) are regretful, remorseful, etc. They wish they could’ve spent more time with them (the dead), or wish they called them more, or they attempt to redeem themselves if they ever done any physical/emotional/mental harm to these late beings. Why do we wait to express that?... Hmm... death isn’t an easy topic for many people because we are not 100% sure what lies beyond that point. And once it happens...that’s it. So in this Life, please tell your loved ones how much you mean to them, don’t wait until it’s too late.

if only I could fly...

one rule about being human: a lesson is repeated until it is learned. 🌞

there is so much beauty in imperfection. so much beauty in you.

just another beach day. 🌞

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