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My Linh To  🇻🇳 Gyra

but how are you supposed to lie to yourself while you’re clearly aware of the reality tho

No one should ever feel ashamed because they follow their hearts 💚❤️💙💜💛 (in this case our hearts say dab (/ • •)/ )
@ebogo8888 next time you in the pic 💕

swipe right to receive free m&ms in your dream

Sometimes i still ask myself why i’m always with these people even though i’m not even in their class
Thank you so much Pete for this group pic and thank you Isabelle too for the hyper cute drawing of us you’re talented af but i don’t know you IG to tag you in I’M SORRY

Drunk happy old friends sitting by the sidewalk in the middle of day light.

Thank you Andrew hon for this unexpected photo of me, half of Noemi and @ebogo8888 the sick kid. Today was great (except the part where Alex and Peter came in and ruined my day).

This is before i fucking grind my knee into mere concrete and have it torn up into big black holes

Ça fait longtemps que je suis pas allée loin

So today Alex just reminded me of the Escalade last year and it made me miss being in CA so much damn, it was such a good time.
Btw thanks Liz for taking these pics. We should definitely go to Escalade together this year again!!! 😢😭😭😢

Some people are seriously boring that when asked to introduce themselves, they start listing their studies and their past majors like noooooo boi tell me something else something really about you i wanna know

Gardiol you & me

Seulement car je peux pas m’endormir et que j’en ai marre au milieu de la nuit. En fait, je déteste trop les pastèques avec beaucoup de graines, surtout des graines jaunes/jeunes.
Photo prise encore par la belle 💎@alltimeivy💎

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