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just dropped this cutie off for his first day of preschool!! πŸ˜„ he was so excited to be there. smiles, clapping and yelling YAY! #shoesalwaysonthewrongfeet

I asked for extra sparkles (because 35...) and @foxtailbakeshop delivered. unicorn poop cake for the win!! someone can't wait to get his paws on my birthday cake. soon enough! πŸ¦„βœ¨πŸ’•πŸ­

Bend, you made me a proud citizen today as I marched with my fellow sisters and friends. I marched for myself, my beliefs, my children and for our country. while we walked, the snow fell hard and heavy and I couldn't help but think it was metaphor for how my heart has felt lately. but today!! here and all around the globe - POWERFUL. and it gives me hope.
#hopenotfear #peaceforall #lovetrumpshate #womensmarch

tomorrow we start anew. and it's not a new that I'm happy or proud to stand behind. my heart aches for where our country is heading next. what about science? space? education? love? everything is uncertain and that makes my head spin. hoping for a brighter future seems so dim but truly trying. πŸ’” #obamafarewell

every time I think I'm sick of the snow, it goes and shines it's crazy good energy and I fall in love again. today in Bend was πŸ‘Œβœ¨ the sun was out. the sky was blue. and the snow!! all that magnificent snow. shone in all its glory. ❀

the snow we've had in the past month is UNREAL. epic and record breaking. and devastating. so many reports of roof damage (ours is leaking through the walls) and accidents (seriously people - drive slow!!) this Florida gal has adjusted to winter but this kind of snow is a totally different kind of winter. 2' already on the ground, more coming. then rain. and ice. 😬😬 it's a nasty combination. plus getting my cardio in by shoveling is not my idea of a fun workout. all complaining aside - it sure is pretty. and while I was making a snow fort with Wolf today I thought to myself, I never did this as a kid. I didn't get that opportunity. so I'm taking it all in. playing like a kid. making snow angels and trying REALLY hard not to get fed up with the 7 foot mound of snow right outside my front door because we're running out of room to put all that snow we've already shoveled! πŸ˜‚

perfect way to combat snow days? make cookies. my fave are the Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip ones from @smittenkitchen

all that white? that's the 2 feet of snow we've had in the past few weeks. and whether I choose to believe it, there's more on the way. #sooverit

hiding from me because he needs a diaper change. πŸ™„πŸ™ˆ #thisonewillbehardtopottytrain

the most perfect snowflakes on my window yesterday morning. β„οΈβœ¨

question for those of you with messy littles... to rug? or not to rug? there is food CONSTANTLY under the table and I fear for the cleanliness of a rug if we put one there. 😬 I'm pretty sure I see some crumbs and I swept twice before taking this pic!! ---
I shared this pic on or private account but I'm so dang happy with how our house is coming along, that I had to share here too. we finally decided on barstools (that was painful -ha!) and I'm pretty sure this light is going back but hey, it's beginning to look more finished! ❀

one of my favorite things about celebrating the new year is the traditions. confetti, black eyed peas, collar greens and my fave #proseccowithbloodorange five years strong with this one. happy new year friends!!! ✨πŸ₯‚

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