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Melissa Ransley  I'm Melissa 😊 | From Australia 🌏| Enrolled Nurse 🚑 |

@oldmateyray and I went and walked around #auburnbotanicgardens the other day

What a fucking cutie. Not very lady like though flashing her bits.

Happy 4th birthday!! #mermaidthemedparty #cutie #fairyfloss

The #beautiful ass hole #swans down on #lakeIllawarra

My love ❤️ #doggo #scruffball #beautiful

I’ve been getting to work earlier lately and I’m always driving along the cliff front when the sun rises. It’s so beautiful. I finally captured a shot on my phone before I went inside the hospital. But you know, a picture is never as nice as the real thing. #coledale #sunrise #beautiful #cold

This honestly looked nicer in a picture then it did real life. Went walking along the #seacliffbridge with @lj_inbeta and went on a little adventure up in the bushes were I believe 100% a lot of Billy’s have been used. It was so muddy though omg.

You’ve got no idea how long I’ve wanted to go up to this lookout point just to take this picture of the #matterhorn and #zermatt below. Waited for the perfect time to take this. Sadly my phone captures this viewpoint better then my camera did. I wanted a night shot of the area to which I got so if we get enough time we may go back tomorrow day to take a few more pictures. It was so beautiful.

Went on a 5hr hike there and back to the Charles Kounen Suspension bridge. It all went up steep on the way there. It is the longest suspension bridge to be walked over in the world. It was long to be fair but the view wasn’t great. Still glad we went. This is just a picture of a view we seen on our walk up.

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