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"I cannot think of one reason why we should not be drunk today" - Megan Burke, 2017. So here we are, hungover, drinking bottomless mimosas and being treated to @deadringersydney's new brunch menu. #weareVIPs #lifepartners

See you in four weeks #coachella 🦄 #labound

After months of hangovers and lols and bants until we can't breath, @frannyannyk and I have cemented our friendship bond, because if you can't get a matching tattoo with your editor before she leaves you to go home to London, then who can you get a matching tattoo with? Second biggest YOLO moment of 2017. Frances Anne, I love you and your obsession with Karl Stefanovic. You are my favorite person to Yahoo with. Bring on our adventures in the U.K.! Thank you @bondiink666 and @nashie_tattz for the new tattzzzzz ✌🏼#babymarlbro

Dress rehearsals for our retirement at the RSL. Because you know @meganrae____ and I are growing old together. #cousins #myotherhalf

Fun morning with David Morrissey chatting about #TheMissing and #TheWalkingDead for @yahoo7be 🎥 @bbcfirstaus

‪No children drowned in the making of this photo thanks to the very obvious supervision skillz myself and @meganrae____ possess. Resting bitch face continues to be on point.

Friday night update: @meganrae____ and I are on the couch, drinking red wine, watching Girls in matching outfits. And yes, we are wearing Justin Bieber shirts. Meg bought them today. Feels good to be reunited with my other half. #wearehilarious

• Home is such a lonely place without you. The universe an empty place without you • Four years without you. We miss you ❤ #H

Putting the V in Valentine's Day with my @frannyannyk 🥂

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