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Nah, I don’t think the heard me in the back. 📣 YO ♥️ MI PAJON!

Not the big chop but quite a major chop.
This is me; all of me. ✊🏾

Strawberry Fields Forever ✌🏽🍓

Came thru with the blue 💙

How can I not love every angle of this child’s face? My heart hurts from all the love and respect I have for my kiddo. He’s my number one hero. So brave at the tender age of 3. I’m blessed. Truly.
My Happy King.

Play by play of Sae’s first time on a rollercoaster 😫🤣 🎢
He LOVED it so much he went on it again.

I try to sneak in as many hugs and kisses in when he’s moody but homeboy was quick with the “sta sta stop it, mami” and death stare (guess who he learned it from 😅)... I never get too sad about it, though. He always caves in anyway. ❤️

C H E E R S || X X X I


T R U E C O L O R S || A U R A

I wrapped my hair today while I left a deep conditioner on my curls. Elvis, Saeed, and I decided to go for a walk on this beautiful day.
I kid you not, I legitimately got stared at several times eye to eye, making it super uncomfortable and we were made to wait at a near empty restaurant. All because of my hair wrap, Elvis’s full beard and my son’s Persian name that I kept calling so that he’d sit still.
The universe and this predominantly caucasian town that I’m from gave us a great lesson and taste as to what others go through simply because of their ethnicity, culture, and/or religious beliefs.
The confusion on their faces said it all... Seeing my tattoos, hearing me speak Spanish, ... ignorance isn’t always bliss 😆 ❤️👳🏽‍♀️❤️

I have a man baby, one who decides on their own that it is time to cut his hair. Not to mention, choose what exact style too. 💇🏽‍♂️
I cried like a baby while he was all smiles 😩😂 I felt betrayed

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