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Jared Gray  Co Owner @SONECO Farms ♻️

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Happy Birthday To This Beautiful Soul I Had The Pleasure Of Meeting. From The Very First Time I Walked Into Your House You welcomed me with Open Arms You Hugged me So Tightly With So Much Warmth It Was A Real Genuine Feeling. Cheryl You Did Not Judge Me Only Excepted me Into Your Family. The Way You looked Over @ Me & Amanda On The Couch 😍 I’m Blessed To Have Had That Moment With You. I Miss Those Few Dinners we had ❤️🦋 Have A Wonderful Day I love You So Much & Continue To Watch Over Me & Your Beautiful Family You Created ❤️💗👼 🦋❤️ #OneOfMyAngels 🙏

Kinda Bummin Today But.. Can’t Beat Yourself Up Forever You Can Only Better Yourself. Sometimes Mistakes End Up Making You More Important In Someone’s Life 🤞 Or They Completely Go Opposite Way I’ve Been Through Both. Im One Of The Most Stubborn People You’ll Have Met Until Today #TodayJaredStartsHisNewEgoJourney #LetsAllLinkUp #WeAllHaveSomethingToOffer #ImOnlyHuman ✌️❤️🦋🤞

Happy Valentines Day To The Most Caring & Strongest Woman I’ve ever met. She Completely Motivates me In Everything I do & Thats Something You Need In a Life Long Partner. I Mean Look at the way she’s looking at me ❤️😍 I’ll Be Honest My Best Friend Asked For Space & It Made Tears Roll Down My Face.. Appreciate The Ones You Have Cuz When They Aren’t Around Is When U Realize How Important That Soul impacted your Everyday life. I Was Living On My Grandmothers Couch With Felony charges & a broken Leg When We Met, Some How I Hobbled Along To Meet This Special Person & She Gave me hope Again after Being Broken. Amanda 𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒌 You For That💗 I May Been Empty In Some Spaces In Her Life That Are Very Important To Her Which Was Selfish. Life’s About chances & I’ve manifested my Way Into Ones I shouldn’t of had the opportunity of. But if there’s another chance I Need its With This Woman. 🦋 There’s a Few other relationships I Want To Patch Up & Fix Those Issues Because life’s To Short To Loose Important People & There Are a Few That I Need To Make Amends With & Swallow my Pride. Love This Woman 🤞 #ImNotBetterThanAnyone #JustHuman

My True Brother Super Proud Clean & Sober Over a Year Won Full Custody Of His Daughter. He’s The Real MVP. #WeDontSettle #Family #ChloeGraceGray. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

You Be Free In No Time Brother. We’re Gonna Be In The Wind Soon. #MyRoadDawg ❤️ #LoyaltyIsRoyalty This is A Solid Man

I Love This Woman So Much. Wish Everyday was Like This One.💕 Everything Might Seem Perfect In Peoples life’s But Fuck I need To Figure Some Things Out. I Need To Let My Ego Go & Be More willing to have relationships With more people. It’s Super Tough For me When It Seems Everyone Takes Angles. Im Not A Pussy Or Trying To Be Sum Big Badass With control. Just Trying To Have Important People In My Life That aren’t Shady. Seems Like Something always Just Barely Off Though 🧐
Life Is Good I’m Blessed But If Things aren’t Operating Correctly With My Heart & Her Heart Then I Don’t Want Anything. You Can Act Tough But No Man Is As Powerful Without There Woman. #TheMostLovingPerson

Thinking 💭 Am I Making Right Decisions....🧐

Hanging On The Wall Like A True Motherfucking OG. So Much Respect On This Mans Name.. I’m A Rider For Our Family. Outlaw Lifestyle. ⚡️⚡️ #Resteasysparky

Crypto Patience #WhatDidYouBuyIn@ 🧐

@forbes 🙌

This Is Me In 2018 Being Very selective #StrongPlayersOnMyTeam

In The Wind. Beautiful Cold Weather #RestEasySparky ⚡️⚡️ #Softailspringer

Standing On Everything I Believe In. #Hempire #CBD #HoldYourGrounds



The Kid Is Blessed 🔥💰🚀☁️ #MondaysArentSoBad


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