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c a s s  There are only two options: make progress or make excuses. 🤟🏻 22 | manifest | bay area | fitness journey | finding balance 🌻 | never settle

Good things come to who hustle, pray and move with good intention. 🙏🏻

Yesterday was beautiful. We said goodbye to our friend in the only way we know how. With lots of love, tears, laughter and good times. Love you guys. ❤️


But if you aren’t trying to be the best version of yourself, what exactly are you doing? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I am so happy I decided to take the time off this year and rejoin the annual bass lake trip! Managed to get up on the paddle board without losing my drink while Celeste and Gabby cheered me on 😂 is 10 AM too early for alcohol if you’re on vacation ? Weenie and I loved watching the sunrise every morning overlooking the lake. ❤️#redneckyachtclub #basslake2018 #twaslitty

For those of you who don’t know, this is my only child Weenie. He lives at grandma’s (my mom’s) because he wouldn’t like it in San Jose. He is a ranch dog to the core. But the other day this little shit got into squirrel poison and tried to off himself. Luckily, my mom rushed him to the emergency vet and dropped an ungodly amount of money to save him. I didn’t find out until two days later because my mom didn’t have the heart to tell me he was sick or in trouble. Mom, thank you so so much. I told her in the future, please call me because I would never have her spend that much to save even my little baby. This dog has been through parvo, coyote run ins and a lifetime of hunting rodents so if his time comes, I will be at peace knowing he’s lived his best life. Mom, I can never repay you aside from with my love so once again THANK YOU. Weenie says thanks too :) ❤️ #trueloveisagoodweener #lol #hardtofindalovelikethis #hesonbedrest #updatesfromgrandma

Here’s my latest progress update (as of this morning). I’m sitting around 185 lbs (hw-216) and feeling great. Looking to lean down a lot more over the next few months. I started counting macros as of this week and it’s going really well. I’m getting so much out of my meals and seeing some major internal progress as well as external. My workout routine includes about 4-5x/week class at @studio360strong. Along with at least one hike per week cause nature is good for the mind! My mentors @dhustle360 and @arrowfitwell are the best there is. I would highly recommend anyone with a desire to start a fitness journey to turn to these amazing individuals for your coaching needs. I can honestly say I’m the best I’ve ever been and will only continue to get better from here. Life is good!!! ❤️ #fitnessjourney #balance #theclimbisworthit #theviewisgreat


No long post about what’s on my plate, just putting myself out there and saying that I am so human. I gave the last 10 months my absolute best effort and have learned so much about this thing called food. I respect and acknowledge any effort made towards a more plant based diet. #balance #followyourheart #doyourbest

Today I went hiking again! I only wish I had a dog to go with me because I get a little paranoid about wild animals, haha. Hiked around 10:30 which was way warmer than yesterday. Still a blast and so good to take a moment to appreciate the beauty right down the road from me. It’s also good to change up your workout because your body adapts to whatever you do routinely. Any suggestions of good hiking spots in the Bay Area?? #fitnessjourney #morninghike #getoutside #dosomething #freshairisgoodforyou

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