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Holly Arizona  ✨Eternally lost Melbourne beb✨

@spiketheriver last night at @theoldbar 💥💥💥

Sweet rooftop/skyline views while smashing a veggie burger and mac&cheese covered tatertotts @easeys 🍔

@auntieleomusic at the @thegasometer with @the_black_heart_death_cult last night 💥✨⚡️

After seeing first hand how much damage we have caused with our excessive consumption of single use items on a beach in Vietnam, I felt compelled to change the way I live and shop, to limit my impact on the earth. While there is still a fuck tonne of stuff I need to replace and some cheap and lazy shopping habits to kick, I was super excited to start with these few items from @dirtyhippiecosmetics and @zerowastestoreaustralia. While the textures of the beauty products will take some getting used to and the @parkersafetyrazor still scares me a little, I know none of this is going to be doing any damage to the planet or me (except maybe the razor... ) If you haven't already, watch A Plastic Ocean on Netflix, and then go check these companies out. ✌🏻🌱🌏

Could honestly eat this vegan chicken burger five times over 🍔🍟🥗 @themerriclan ❤️

Found weekend photos 5/5 🌲💦

Found weekend photos 4/5 🌲🌲

Found weekend photos 3/5 🌲💦

Found weekend photos 2/5 🌲

Found weekend photos 1/5 🌲

Proof my 2019 hasn't just been work and being hungover in a lavender garden ✨🌞✨

Sunday dreaming I wasn’t as hungover as I am right now ✨🌿🌸📸@candyzgal

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