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Wake Up  Knowledge is power

Repost By anonymous_truthseeker: Much Repsect to Norway for this!! Truly a great thing to do, would you agree?
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Repost By yahuwahwillwin: Look up from your phones and see that there are lines in the sky being produced sometimes by completely invisible forces! Chemtrails are one thing. But the government knows the sky is a war zone for demons. They are covering up the fact that demons are constantly flying over our heads leaving millions of other demons floating in the atmosphere. They cover up this fact by actually using airplanes to chemtrail the skies as well. Just working side by side with the demons. As we know they do. When a witch or anyone in the occult practices any type of ritual they release demons into the world and this is the fucking result. They KILL OUR SKIES AND PLANET AND US! Prince was right when he talked about chemtrails making people fussy and fight each other and know one knew why. Why is everyone getting so down? So depressed? It’s because THIS! DEMONIC FORCES RUN THIS WORLD! Satan is the Prince of the Power of the (AIR) Hello!!! Even your precious tatted up gay rainbow rapper knows this. Kid Buu even talked about this very subject. Cmon people wake up! Start praying to Yahuwah for our skies!!!! #consciousness #awareness #godisreal #truther #staywoke #theeadthisflat #agenda21 #illuminati #nasalies #newworldorder #truth #chemtrails #thematrixisreal #4biddenknowledge #flatearth #truthseeker #mkultra #sheeple #cia #mindcontrol #rothschilds #rockefeller #satanicgovernment #corruption #chemtrailsaredemonic #chemtrails #secondheaven
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