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Theo  🐈🐈 head of cat heard 🌱 plant lady 🚂 occasional traveler. Check out the homestory Jules from @herz.und.blut did of our home!


Yesterday when we were sitting on the sofa watching Tatort like a good little family heard I had a moment of weakness and second screened making dream catchers on Pinterest. Boyfriend quickly objected and said “we are not that kind of hippy dippy household”. I suppose I am just missing the original wall decor for this place which is an old framed cross stich work by my grandmother. But that is broken since the cats knocked it over and the glass smashed. So what I actually need to do (rather than making giant dream catchers) is to find a glazer to repair the frame. I hope to get that done by Easter...

Enough bread and books. Now: watching stuff on Netflix. I’m almost done with Broadchurch. What should I watch next?

Welcome to my Sunday routine: eating bread and reading books. Also have you seen the beautiful home story Jules from @herz.und.blut made about our flat? If you haven’t, go check it out! There even is a bonus pic of Katzibert’s sandy undercarriage (aka belly) 😻

So I have this neighbor that’s been living in the flat next door since 1937. He told that back in the day my street used to have a tram line. And ever since I’ve been wishing they hadn’t taken it away. Also missing Lisbon hard today. So here is a picture of a tram in Lisbon 💕

Is #katzibert helping me bake a cake? Or is he helping himself to food from the counter? The mysteries of life 🤷‍♀️#badcat #caturday

Roses are dead,
Violets are too,
#myfreshflowerfriday is not coming through 😂

A rare and unseen view of the bedroom. Unseen mainly because project stripping the door has been dormant for 3+ years now. But it’s not all bad. The heat gun we specifically bought for this purpose is living it’s best life as a grilling tool (and occasional grilled cheese maker, but that’s another story).

What happens in Italy stays in Italy. At least when it’s more than life size and made from marble 😂 #throwbackthursday

Flowers that I bought for my boyfriend yesterday. For him or myself or the flat or the cats. In the end it’s all the same anyway. We all get to enjoy those crazy tall daffodils together 🌼 #daffodilseason

(Closed now) Yay, we are 10k 🎉 I can’t believe so many people are interested in my photos 🙈 And to say thank you, I’d love to gift one of those planters to one of you. But because I can’t decide which one I want to raffle off I leave the decision up to you. So to enter simply leave a comment telling me which one you’d prefer 💚

I was almost ready to sell this beautiful Thonet chair because it didn’t seem to have a place in the flat. But I’m quite happy with its new place. What do you think?

The internet is telling me it’s #pancakeday so here is a #latergram from Sunday brunch

Omg omg omg the sun is back in the front room 🌞 That means spring is just around the corner 😍

Happy #monsteramonday everyone!

Perfect place for #tunnelvision

Hanging with the plant gang #plantgang #plantlove 💚

Ciao #caturday and hello #sundayfunday 💫

I may or may not have a little flower buying problem 💐 #freshflowers

We went to the Russian shop the other day which means breakfast is sorted ✔️

Got some roses on the way back. On that note #makerosesgreatagain #myfreshflowerfriday

Found my spiritual homeland today 😍

I really wanted to collect some of those reeds. But even though the lake was frozen I decided not to risk it. I felt the possibility of falling through the ice to outweigh my desire for those things. But only very slightly. Hopefully it stays this cold so I can return in a few days and get them after all 🌾

So I stitched a face on my jumper. I feel like it’s missing something though. Another face? Plants? A cat? A llama? Same colors or different ones? I need help.

Pigging out for breakfast with „Les dîners de Gala“ by @taschen which is probably the weirdest cookbook in the house (maybe bar the Larousse from 1961 but that’s another story) #piggingout

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