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™️  Interior, cats, plants, travel and cooking @miseenplaice Content creator that does what she does. 💌 katzibert@gmail.com My current playlist:

Tonight’s plans: water the plants. See you with a backache in 4 hrs... 💚😜🌱

Yesterday @by.tobi and I played with my crystal glasses and some random oranges from the kitchen. But what else are Sundays there for, eh? (Werbung oder so)

Went sloe picking today. Can you guess what our plan is?

Sunflare-Theo‘s at it again 🤷🏻‍♀️

Morning rituals #katzibert #minibert #klopperei

(Werbung / PR-Sample) Finally I got a bag that matches the colour of my soul - green 💚

Yesterday when I met the bf after work I had a small bunch of #chrysanthemums in my bag. His first reaction was (verbatim quote) „what are those fugly flowers?!“. So I decided to go and buy more. In fact to buy them all. And all dahlias and roses too. That’s an adequate reaction, am I right? #myfreshflowerfriday

Two of my favourite hoomans: #katzibert and #lordoftheberts

What do you think is true: Theo made a cake a) because she wants to be nice to her colleagues or b) because she wants them all to get diabetes?

You know sometimes you watch those documentaries where a city has been abandoned and nature is slowly reclaiming it? I kind of feel that’s what’s happening at home. The botanical situation from the living room is creeping into the bedroom now. This is one of the last (mostly) unaffected areas 🌱

Is it #fiddleleaffriday yet?

The cold prevention basket is back. Gotta drink that ginger and eat those clementines now to not 🤧

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