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Elena Eckert 

Finally i post it😁😁
I hope you have all a good morning ♡

Thanks @nelsnturnup again. Check him out his new Ep is available now on soundcloud😍


This is one of my favorite pictures this year. I had an awesome day♡
Thanks so much to @nelsntiababy @tomia456 @franciskiko98 @blckgenesiz and the girls for a blast that night. @4evadebby @stephhmercer what an amazing crew♡

F.U. 🤐😒😂♡
Wenn dein bester Freund aus der Heimat schreibt: Gut, Fettsack, freu mich auf dich 🙃

Hhhhhhh nasif verrückt 😂😂💃💜 Mein 2. kleiner Bruder ♡♡♡

I am hungry

~And yet... I might fall in love with u~ ♡

Do you remember that night we we're sitting on that rooftop?Music was playing, we saw the people dance, saw the sky ~ the lights and the rain was softly falling on us.
It was like ~ magnatised, you're pulling me in with the words you don't say. #toolate #thepaperkites
#A-N-N-A, immer wenn es Regnet... #maxherre
whatever happens, i am here my love <3

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