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3 Days*  ••• exploring the world 3 Days* at a time ••• 📍la/ny ••• join us on the road •••


That's what a long weekend should look like... enjoying the rustic charm and retro style of this desert gem - @jthomesteader @airbnb. Free stargazing included. 🌵💫

Back when the Greek Islands stole our hearts... 🌴👙

What is it about old doors that's so intriguing? Is it the pure curiosity what's behind them?

Do you fall into the category ‘aisle yogi’ or ‘oblivious boarder’? Check out our new piece about the most annoying travelers and share the worst faux pas you've encountered. We'll add the winner to our roundup! Link in bio ☝️

With this beautiful portrait of a woman of the Bishnoi Tribe in the Western Thar Desert our features of @barbinchen comes to an end. Check out her account for more vibrant images from India and elsewhere! ❤️

Pretty in pink 💓at the Jagdish Hindu Temple in Udaipur! 📷@barbinchen

Hey man... eye contact! It's how souls catch on fire. 📷@barbinchen

A Divan-i-Am is a traditional hall where grievances of the general public were heard by the emperor. Still working on our list of complaints... what's yours? 📷@barbinchen

The Buddha has his 👀 on you, peeking out from a Jain temple. Central tenet of Jainism is non-violence and respect towards all living beings. Loving the sound of that principle! 📷@barbinchen

That face!!!! ❤️ photo by @barbinchen

The view of a cenotaph, a monument for the dead in Uttar Pradesh, India... How’s that for afterlife cribs? 📷 @barbinchen

A sadhu, a religious ascetic during the Holi Festival (the festival of the colors) in Varanasi. Let the fun begin... 📷 @barbinchen

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