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The paths we crossed
the nights we spended
sitting across were
the best. Life seemed
to be grateful with you
each and everytime.
But as we know
things never goes
as planned.
If I could wonder
about something like
tragedies, I wouldn't have
let the time to just pass
by without considering us.
And now when
I just look back
I know I can just dream
of the things which
are never going to happen.
But when I recreate the things
I wonder things which
I couldn't grab a long time ago
And so I can see that it was
the night of
moments and memories.
Just sitting beside
each other sharing stories,
gazing smiles and
starring at those sparkling
eyes of glories,
I could only wonder again
about the lost time.
And now I know that night the moonlight shined in those big brown eyes. Consolidating hearts,
Love happened twice.
And it just happened twice....🐣🐻
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If the past walks with us our commitments can fail. Therefore we should step only when we know that our past is no more alive in us..

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So I just came to the realization that life has been extremely chaotic lately and always been selfishly choosing me to destroy with the situations it creates for me. Years pass on new begins with new hopes and chaos with surprises of happiness,pains and it just go on and on. I feel like never in my life I have ever thought that I would ever find someone who loves me the way I want someone to do. Not because I believe that I am incapable of being loved, but I simply could not fathom finding someone who could ever appreciate or cherish me the way I always think about .i.e. I wouldn't feel until someone will walk into my life and change the whole scenario of the things may be which I think are not right. Even when life gets in the way worse or better, I still want someone to love me more than words can describe. And i want to feel the way everyone else does like someone who can constantly be on my mind as I follow my everyday routine, either directly or subconsciously in the back of my head. And be with me in every single thing I do, and everywhere I go. And telling me to always be as I am and stay with me always no matter what.A question always pops on my mind that can I have a wonderful love life like how I thought of a soulmate but doesn't know What exactly is a soulmate? Does every single person in the world have one? Do each of us individuals only get one shot at being matched up with one other person in the entire world? I may not have all the answers or may not have one but I know one thing for sure that I want my soul to be happy.I truly believe that there is not one other person in the world who will get to know my humor, my mannerisms, my childish behaviour my studipidy or the seriousness I always carry. If there isn't my intended soulmate from the Maker, then I don’t ever want to meet the one who was instead intended for me. I just want someone to be the mirror of my life. Telling truths but no lies making me understand the things I should acknowledge. If I thought to suddenly leave this world sooner than later, I would be overjoyed that I experienced such a rare and honest form of love.

Once upon a time,
walking distances
I observed the wind
breezing in the
opposite direction.
It touched my
body and kissed my face.
I thought something,
I thinked about life,
I thinked about love.
And then I asked myself
That What? What if the love you
once craved wasn't worth enough would
you start believing that the
right love won't walk In your life
ever again? If the trees shed their leaves would
you start believing that it won't grow
forever? If the water got vapourised from
the pond would you start believing that
It can't store the raindrops?
"And if the wind breezed in
the wrong direction would
You start believing that it won't
ever flow in the right direction?"
What if you get stucked on "If" and "would" so would you start believing that you can't find yourself again?🍃
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I believe in the loneliness.
They understand that
my thoughts needs more time
to be understood.
I believe in the blackboards.
They brighten up
my words when no one tries
to listen what my
voice screams.
I believe in the saddest songs.
They touch my soul
more often than the music
which makes me dance.
I believe in the deepest ocean.
They make me realize that
depth is more beautiful when
the life is high.
I believe in the darkest sky.
They listen to my silence
even when I don't speak with
the stars and the moon at 2 am.🌹
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And I know it was worth loving when I felt that way,more intensely and deeply I was attracted towards him.🌹
I could even sense the fire burning inside me as much as I drowned in the aroma of his naked soul.🍁
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(Repost)⤵ "FEELINGS"

Aye zindagi...
Ky hadse Yun sareaam hote hai
Aur ladkiya Yun badnaam ye bta de mujhe..
Ky mujrimo Ko duniya panah deti hai..
Aur pidito Ko Yun beghar kiya jata hai yeh samjha de mujhein..
Aye zindagi..
Saza-e-maut to use mil chuki hain
Per Kyun hu Yun aaj benam Mai bta de mujhein..
Badan ke zakhm to bhar jaenge..
Rooh ab bhi zakhmi hai uspe Malam Laga de mujhein..
Dar ke jeene per majboor hu main
Dar se Samna krna sikha de mujhe..
Ky galti thi meri Jo yeh saza di mujhe..
Has ke jee sakoon aisi koi vajah de mujhein..
Yeh duniya badi zaalim hai
Q yeh to bta de mujhein..
Gayro ki to parvah nhi..
Per apno ne na panah di mujhein..
Zakhm ab bhi gehere hain..
Halato ne bhi daga di mujhein..
Aye zindagi!!
Kya ladki hona pap hai
Ye bta de mujhein..
Ek andhera sa cha Gaya hai
Phirse Ujalo me jina sikha de mujhein..
Ghut ghut ke jee rahi hu Mai..
Dar se jitna sikha de mujhein.. Khud se nafrat hone lagi hai mujhein..
Khudse Mohabbat krna sikha de mujhein..
Do shabdo mein Simat ke reh gai hu Mai..
Aa tu to gale Laga le mujhein..
Zhurm usne hai kiye
Mujhein duniya ne kyu thukraya iski vajah de mujhein..
Ma- bap ne chod diya saath Yun mera..
Beti ab boj Hun Mai ky yeh sach hai samjha de mujhein..
Na apna hai na paraya..
Mai kon hu phir ye bta de mujhein..
Rone ke liye aasu khatam ho chuke hai
kaise jeeyun Mai bta de mujhein..
Aksar sochti Hun ky Mohabbat ki hakdar nhi main..
Aake bta de mujhein...
Khush thi kabhi jo aaj Dard se tadap Rahi hu main..
Lafz nahi bayan kr skte likh ke jata Rahi hu main..
Khamoshi bhi ab cheek Rahi hai meri..
Bina galti Yun na saza do mujhein..
Aye zindagi!! Har mor par Kate hai kis rah chalu bta de mujhein..
Yun muh pher Liya sabne mujhse kaha galat hu main ye bta do mujhein..
Yun nafrat ki zanjhiro me lapet kr
Akele jeene ki koi ummid jagah do mujhme....
Aye zindagi!! Kuch to bta de mujhein..
Kya galti thi meri Yun na saza do mujhein..
Yun na saza do mujhein...
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"Majestic but disappearing🍂"
For a moment it felt beautiful,
And the otherside it was fading
away with time.
But those magical moments got captured
in my words and poetry's
I couldn't resist to bleed till now.
Somewhere between realising and
accepting now, I Know
it was a temporary blessing granted
to my destiny for making me
write the chapters...
and chapters of my own life.🍁
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I remember those days,
When I got trapped
In your lies, And those
Fake smiles. The eye catching
Moments were so so special to me,
Where I was caged for days and more.
I thought it meant to you too,but
Who knows what time would bring
You towards and how.
I remember the fearful moments,
When I used to get scared on little little
Things happening around. Like sometimes
getting locked in an Empty room, along
With your thoughts, being
alone and shattered in the darkness,
Knowing about the conclusions
Of your promises.
I remember those moments,
Always giving my heart some
Butterflies and goosebumps
To my soul.
Like walking on the streets,
In those lonely nights,
Holding hands in hands.
Sometimes kissing on the window glass,
Between you me and us
And yes, that was truely insane.
Sharing my love with you and
Telling how much I loved you were
my favourite things to do everytime.
And then I remember feeling cold about
Your lies too.
When i got to know you never
Meant anything and this makes
My heart ache,
And whenever it strikes in my head,
It starts Fighting battles to
stop, stopping me from moving Ahead.
And step by step were making me
drown Down, Deep and depressed.
I remember the way your memories
Held me close the way you used your arms
to wrap me like a blanket,
Blanket of love. I felt you
effortlessly everytime.
I know I felt deeply,
when I remember those
Days again n again.
And it hurts knowing how it ended.
It makes me feel shattered,
when I realize how you trapped
my fragile heart behind the bars
Of your lies. It was a jail to me.
And Yes,I remember the time,
When I used to hope for you
to make me understand that those memories
Are just some scars,
painful and unfortunately
some regrets that ,
" I ain't gonna remember anymore."🍁 .
By: Prachi🌹

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Whether it's a sunrise or may be sunset but an experience to answer about what is Life!!
Thankyou for loving and supporting my words. Do share your views through comments.
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