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I just realized something: I can’t lose my virginity because I never lose.

I look like a proper f-boy

Science class can get really weird, really fast😂

I need friends

I just want someone to send me memes, talk to me in Spanish (even though I won’t understand), cuddle me, tell me I’m pretty, overall just love me. Im single idksjsnsnnan HELp mE

Hi, I know that I never post about this kind of stuff, but I thought I could share my thoughts and feelings about the recent things that’s happened in Florida. Yesterday, when I first heard about what had happened I had tears in my eyes. It was supposed to be a happy day filled with love and joy, but one person turned it upside down. Coming to school in Florida was scary today, not knowing what was going to happen. Every school is on high alert, not wanting this to happen ever again. My teachers are telling us the procedures for lock downs in every class shouldn’t be as scary as it’s been today. School shouldn’t be a place to be scared at, shouldn’t be a place you should be scared to go to. School is a place that promotes love, friendship, equality, and most importantly safety. As the time goes on, and more stuff like this happens, the more kids start to think school is a place where they may get hurt, beaten, or even worst, killed. My class shouldn’t be panicking about hearing the alarms going off because they think someone entered the building, when in reality someone was just fixing it. I really did think that Sandy Hook would open eyes, but I guess it didn’t. This was the 18th school shooting of 2018. In the 45 days of this year 18 schools have been ‘shot up’. How in the hell did that go unnoticed until now? We need to educate and show how real lock downs do happen and how to prevent them. All of my prayers and thought go out to the family of those who are hospitalized and those who lost their lives to soon. #prayfordouglas

We were throwing ‘baeblades’ at people after this

Proof that I’m not human volume: 1

I can’t breath I didn’t know it meant that. I only know minimum French because I’m just know learning. I saw a translation for that and it was completely different

Tu une un avoir le cul bordé de nouilles :)

Pictures of you eating are not funny or cute. Please, just stop. You are NOT being ‘relatable’.

Heart freckles ft. My failed right side

I live so close to Disney that I can hear the fireworks everyday if I go outside usually

I’m so pissed because I’m literally 1-3 weeks late for any softball sign ups for any team near me. Shjsmamsbfbsj

Fun fact: most oranges sold in Florida are actually from California, but most of the ones sold in California are Florida oranges

Lmao, send this to someone for Valentine’s Day

Update: I’m home and the food was lovely

I’m going to Red Robin’s rn and I’m so happy😊

I’m at school and I’m really sick but I don’t want to get in trouble so I have to deal with it. I really feel like I’m about to pass out, I’m dizzy, and my throat hurts
Update: I’m in the nurses
Double update: I’m home now

Im going to body slam myself into the ground if I spend another 10 minuets in this god damn store

I’m posting this everywhere, sorry, but I’m just proud of me self

Kylie Jenner had her baby and I’m crying. I’m so happy for her.
The video she posted on YouTube is so beautiful:):)):

I only listen to bops 💦😭💜💦💓✨☁️💦💥💛❤️💖💓😏

I really have to wait two weeks just for my field trip to animal kingdom. I want to go so bad. I’ve never been to any Disney place

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