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Binky'Bink®  Art.ist, Actress 💋 “🌙Do Not Disturb” #Godly

Culture has impact
on how we handle money. I teach my son the importance of saving money. It’s so bad with him that he rather save his money then to buy his Claritin. 🤦🏽‍♀️Lordy. You buy what you want and beg for what you need. Why? B/c that’s all we see today. Who don’t like nice things ijs just make sure you’re doing what you do for the right reasons don’t look the part for the world but come home hurt and dead inside. Learn to invest, learn to save, learn to grow., Learn yourself. Learn to trust God. Don’t love what he give you more then him. Use what he give you don’t abuse it. You wanna look the PART for who. It’s funny how you wanna wear all these labels but still don’t own SHYT. Ijs get your priorities right. Excessive spending and no saving. I’m still Me I’m still Cool, I’m still real life BLESSED with these @stevemadden and look stylish. Clothes don’t make you You make the clothes. You make the car you drive, YoU are the influencer. The culture has taught us to look blessed over being blessed. Clothes. Money. Watches. The Bling Bling. Don’t make you Blessed. I don’t let nothing or no one rule me but GOD. I don’t have to have any of it and I’m still Blessed. I know this I live by this and this is why I’m soooooo Blessed. You don’t even know how blessed you really are. Learn how Blessed you really are. I Ain’t keeping up with nobody but God.🤗
I am alive
I am healthy
I am rich
I am intelligent
I am loved
I am Blessed
I am Happy .....

Listen... these words just speak so much volume.

Humbly speaking. You know I’m the ONE. Ha!

💋. You don’t even know how blessed YOU ARE, ha!
If you’re blessed and you know it comment below.

1 My picture Vs 2 His picture 🤔
I mean it’s nice but not better than mines ☺️

Spending my days
enjoying each second 🙌🏽
Blessed!!!! Thank You GOD 🙏🏽

🎈Happy Birthday Bink🎈
You’re a beautiful gentle soul, very loyal, too honest at times, a giver and for-giver, intelligent, amazing, fantastically breathtaking, Talented, motivational, always encouraging others, trendsetter, unique, fearless, wild, WISE, strong, GODLY, a great friend, idk where I would be without you Girl, I thank you for being such a great person, never judged but always loved. Im happy to be blessed to witness your growth. Binky continue to walk your walk and never let the naysayers in ILOVEME💋

Bad lil Vibe yup👌🏽

Happy Saturday 🤩
Something I, WE should live by. Don’t force anyone/anything in your life. Trust and allow Gods process. Let things flow and GO!

I faith that my edges are still available after I take these braids out🙌🏽

Damn I feel alive 🙌🏽

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