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:) noʎ ʞɔnɟ (əɔuɐp)💜 

"The mirror can lie it doesn't show you what's inside."💗😒

"Yeah I got issues,
And one of them is,
How bad I need you."💗

"when you can't look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark" 💗

I know I'm sooo late but congratulations y'all two 💓 I wish y'all the best 💗

I look stupid but happy one month of being married princess with you I can be myself 😂 yk what I mean but anyways I love you so much you help me get through my rough times and you are so funny and beautiful idk what I would do without you bbg you are my everything and don't forget to invite me to your house again cuz it was fun the last time even though I had to leave early 💍 I love you and happy anniversary bbg 😘💗💗💖 @herlaughattheend 😍😍

Issa TB w// her 😻 it was lit that day (ft. Jessica's jacket) @nayelixdoe_

It's been such a good year w// her but today wasn't AMAZING bc my best friend wasn't here today I miss you so much and if you were here you know it would have been amazing with me you Jasmin and luz but you weren't here but anyways BSF get better and don't worry we got many more years to have fun and hang out together I love you forever and always best friend whoever says your their BSF just let me find out bc IM your BSF not all these other fake people lmao ILY bbg so much our friendship is a forever kinda thing 😊💗🌸😘 @__adriana.a__ PC: @x.luz._ 😘😘

Issa #tb with her 😻❤❤ @supreme_bxtch2

Y'all please pray for Adriana I know y'all are gonna ask me what happened but that doesn't matter what matters is that she gets better. I hope she gets better because she doesn't deserve this she's so amazing and the best friend I've ever had because she's always there for me when I need her I love you Adriana and I hope you get better💗😘😘😘😘😥😭

"I miss the feeling of you
Missing me
But you say you're over and
Done with me"-Drake💗😛

It's my birthday buhhhhh anyways thank you girls for making my day once again 💗😫y'all are like family to me ILY so much😆💗

Issa TB ✨💗💫

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