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γ€ŠSasha & Bob| Thanks for 4.6k》  πŸŽ‰|Proving cobs can jump! 🐴|Bob The Cob ~ 13'2 ~ Super Cob πŸ‘‘| Sasha ~ 12 ~ becoming bsja πŸ’₯| showjumping,eventing & hunting 🌏|South east of england


Bob was amazing in our lesson today!
We did lots of work on keeping him balanced throughout the while course and we finished roubt about 90-1m which was great!πŸ’ž

I taught Bob to paw πŸ’ž he picked it up so quickly! ~
Yesterday I worked in bobs fitness and now I'm just on my way down and i'm gonna do some poles so may get some vids I dunno πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ #sargentbobthecob

So today I had xc running and I generally thought I was going to die the course went on forever and was so muddy! But I did end up coming 44th out of over 100 and it was under 13s as well πŸ˜‚ buy my heart generally felt like it was gonna fail and me legs felt like they were going to give way and what does Sasha do when she goes down the yard?
She decides it's a good idea to ride bareback just to add to the amount of pain my legs are already in πŸ˜‚
And then I thought I'm gonna put a small double up to work on my position and my mum being her says oh I'll just put it as a straight so to say my legs are aching is an understatement πŸ˜‚
But he was an angel as always and I taught him to paw, he picked it up so quickly πŸ’ž #sargentbobthecob

Couldn't be bothered to ride tonight as I had had a netball match and quite tired πŸ˜•
So I just gave him a groom and played around
That's why I'm in my sports kit πŸ’ž
Don't know what I'm doing with him tomorrow soz πŸ˜‚
That's about it really...

Tb to my first time meeting @lily.equestrian and @littleblackfellpony xc schooling!
didn't ride tonight as Bob deserved a day off! But will ride tomorrow don't know whether I'll get videos though? πŸ’–

Videos from my lesson tonight when Bob was on fire πŸ’ͺπŸ’—
I can feel an improvement already 🀞
Yes there a couple of fails πŸ˜‚
So Hickstead yesterday I did the 80 speed and I got one of the fastest times but two poles but only two people in the while class went clear!? Th3n in the 95 bibvwss a bit tired and had a couple poles πŸ’ž
He's having a well deserved rest tomorrow πŸ˜™πŸ˜

Sorry for late post!
So today I went out hunting on Spirit and he was perfect jumping everything I asked him to! πŸ’ž
Then I schooled bob and gave him a massive bath ready for tomorrow! Any one else at Hickstead tomorrow? I'm seeing @equinerosie @lily.equestrian @eventing.jess @eventing.blue and @3jp_new πŸ’–
I'm now off going for dinner with my parents πŸ’—
From now on I'm going to try and post everyday and tell you what's going on as that's what most of you said you wanted me to do on my sarahah! ❀ #sargentbobthecob

He should so be a model 😏
Spent the day again with ALM Equestrian riding spirit and Quainton which I will post videos of on my extras account so go check that out @_.bob.the.cob._ ❀ out with the hounds tomorrow which should be fun πŸ• #sargentbobthecob
PC: @eventing.jess

#adecomp please please I would absolutely love to won this! πŸ’— @aztecdiamondequestrian

I know this is late but I thought I should tell you what happened this weekend!
So on Friday I went to crockstead and did the pair's with @so_equine_ and we won! Which was awesome and then i did the top score and came 2nd πŸ’— ~
Then on Saturday I went to pycombe for arena eventing and it was do hard! But my boy amazed me again coming 5th in the 80cm and 9th in the 90cm with two poles! (Each pole add 4 secs) so we must have been going pretty fast! And qualified for the SEEL championships at pycombe next February πŸ’—
I then had a lesson today and Bob was great πŸ’› #sargentbobthecob

Love this pic 😊
Not much to say really since last post got lots of shows planned this holiday and hopefully some meetups! πŸ’—#sargentbobthecob

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