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Rebeka Meyzo B 🇨🇩  God above all 🙏🏾 Greensboro

My mother is my inspiration. She turned her life around and accomplished the impossible. She is foreign doesn't know much english, not a high school graduate but she is building house in Mathews. I sure am proud !!

Lee Morgannnnnn. I know I'm getting unfollowed here and there when I talking about this company but do ya thangggg ! I ain't mad at cha 😂I'm securing the 💰💰💰

This IS GOING TO BE A GAME CHANGING TECH JUST IMAGINE GETTING A PERCENTAGE EVERY TIME SOME ONE SWAP THIS CARD IM TALKING CHACHINGGG$$$$$$$$$$$ I've never been this exited about anything in my LIFE! Just imagine having all of your bank card, sheetz card, hotel keys, and many more into one card !! I mean WHAT? This card look like a bank card but it's really a mini computer! SMART CARDDDD!!! 😇

Today's event was packed Yo this was soo incredible we were proud to Add 5 new members to the team. !! AND KEVIN GOT FLY CARD QUALIFY!!! ALREADY!! He got his card before the nation wide launch the SMART CARD is about to be the HOTEST TECH THAT WILL HIT THE PUBLIC END 2017 watch out world
Call me crazy but once the SMART CARD launch you gone wish you had it First like us '!

"When you fighting to achieve something great, plenty will doubt you" TODAY IS THE DAYYYYYYYYY come support and if you are an A&T alumni I KNOW you KNOW Ex Professor Lee Morgan !!

"If you can promote a party... you can promote a business"

Have you ever heard of world venture before ? Well if you haven't shoot me a text and I will give you the inside scoop on how to earn you very own BMW and make crazy cool income , travel the world and look good while doing it. I am an entrepreneur for World venture I'm working toward my own BMW and a great income! Join me in the quest of freedom and living life with no hustle if you're interested PLEASE CALL OR TEXTME. AT 980-240-9237 SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLYYY!

We are making BIG moves I'm having a launch party this Saturday at 4 pm at my house it's a great opportunity for anyone that haven't heard of world venture . Hosted by me and Kevin's senior rep William jones and 6 figure earner in our company Mr Lee Morgan ! #teamswagg #stopwishingandgogetit #entrepreneur #thegoodlife #worldventuresdreamtrips #dwaynelodge

As much as I love being in bed it was fine to head back to work. It felt like I never left 😌

Dm For recipe 😊 Bon appétit a moi!

3 packs of expression ( only used 2 1/2) book with me for a great experience. Dm for availability or to book an appointment

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